In this article we will consider:

  • What are the fatal mistakes when working with customers are made by the owners of online stores?
  • What the consequences of this could be?
  • How to avoid them?

Neglect service and its quality

The quality of service plays a very important role in customers’ decision making. However, business owners normally neglect the service and its quality in eCommerce customer service. More importantly, customers are likely to share their impressions of the service provided with their family and friends. Recommendations and reviews of friends are the best and most effective ads for you. It depends only on you whether this ad will play for your benefit or will not.

eCommerce customer service
Customer service

It is important for you to develop certain standards of eCommerce customer service and always follow them in your work. It would be better to introduce to your employees as well as motivate them to adhere to these standards. Employee engagement platform features may help you identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency in your team.

Let’s consider these ways to take care of your customers’ comfort:

  • Improve the quality of your products and services
  • Offer the opportunity to return the goods and provide information about the conditions for return.
  • Organize multiple delivery options
  • Provide various payment options

If these suggestions are implemented into your business, it will definitely grow better.

Provide incomplete information about the company

The trust of customers who have visited your online store for the first time depends largely on the availability of detailed information about your company. It is important for the clients to know where they can address in the case of additional questions or any problems with the purchase. Moreover, sufficient company information will increase your company’s reliability, thus helps customers feel secure with your service and they would be willing to make a purchase on your website.

These are the information about a company  that customers would expect to see:

  • Your company name
  • Address, telephone, and other contacts
  • Payment methods
  • Methods, terms, and prices of shipment
  • Terms and conditions of return (according to research, the information about the ease of return in plain sight on the site increased the sales by 3.5 times!)
  • Registration, license documents of the company.

Apply “head-on” sales and misunderstand your customers’ needs

Most online store owners keep to the most primitive strategy of product positioning: here is the product, go to our site and purchase. That is a head-on sale, but as we know, selling goods in this way does not justify itself.

You can tell your clients what a wonderful product you have, how many years you have been on the market, how many customers you have had, what kind of profitable suppliers you have. However, the customers do not concern about your achievements, they are interested in their benefits. Therefore, you should focus on customers’ needs.

Remember that the sale of goods in this way entails the loss of a large number of customers. People do not like it when someone drums up his goods. They like to make purchasing decisions on their own. Shift your vision to customer’s motivation for purchasing goods. Try to make a list of all possible areas where one can use your products. What your competitors didn’t say about it? Or maybe they don’t speak about the things that the buyers should know?

Support customers only during working hours

People usually make purchases in off-hours, the evening, on weekends or even at night. At these times, customers may have questions and they will come to the contact center for help. It is important that there are operators who can advise and accept the order.

eCommerce Customer Service: Call Center
Call center

Besides, you should find out the most productive time for receiving calls, messages, and emails in order to organize the work of your operators effectively.

Please do not forget that you always need to stay in touch with your customers. Your clients certainly want to spend their time calling the company to get a solution to their problem. Others may write a request on the site to get expert advice. Prompt responses will definitely increase customers loyalty and their willingness to purchase again and again.

If you have promised your customer that the store manager will call him back within 10 minutes, this must be done. During these 10 minutes, the user will wait for a call from you. If the promise is not kept, he will possibly leave.

Remember always to keep your words and do not give any promise without doing it.

Depend heavily on the chatbot

eCommerce Customer Service: Chatbots

Chatbots are now a trend, but not always bring real benefits. It is not because the technology is bad. To successfully implement a chatbot, you should deeply understand and systematize customer requests, provide for their all possible variations, build and automate business processes. It needs to be seriously taken into consideration even with experienced experts.

Most likely, the chatbot will help you in the client service if you have a lot of typical questions from clients or there is no opportunity to provide consultation without breaks and weekends or around the clock. It can be used in case if you need daily emails with the same information i.e. new price lists, updates of goods in a warehouse.

Although the bot can be taught a lot, it will not be able to understand the client in the same way as a human can, but understanding and meeting customer needs are very important. A chatbot can become an assistant in the contact center, but still it will not replace the operators.

Try to economize human resource

This is about the incorrect personnel policy. Everyone wants to have qualified experts, while few are willing to pay them an appropriate salary. However, such additional costs will still be paid off in the long term. Moreover, you will receive a team of professional and competent employees who will contribute considerably to your company’s success.

One of the common mistakes in the eCommerce website lies in the call center. If your staff is not trained to handle calls politely and patiently, then the loss of customers is inevitable, which ultimately results in large losses.

Do not use CRM system

The main guarantee of a first-class giving customer service is personalized giving customer service. That is the attitude to the client as an individual with specific preferences and needs. But first, you need to know about these preferences.

For these purposes, a CRM system was created. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the software for storing customer data, automating, controlling, and analyzing all processes of interaction. However, CRM is not just software. This is a whole business strategy, a special approach to business management, in which a client is placed at the forefront of the company’s activities.

This strategy is aimed at improving eCommerce customer service as well as increasing the value of every consumer. A single customer base and a complete correspondence history with the clients along with the CRM powerful analytical tools allow you to keep your customers and develop business relations with them, as well as attract new customers.

Use intrusive ads

Our brain has learned how to ignore to-buy-offers. Today, the consumers are fenced off from intrusive advertising, excludes ads and banners from their information flows and feeds. Therefore, you should not overdo the advertising mailing of all your customers whose email addresses are in your database. At best, your ad will be ignored. At worst, an obsessive list will irritate your client, and he will not cooperate further.

If you want your ad to have a positive effect, send it out to those users who have voluntarily agreed to receive such letters.

If you decide to send an e-mail newsletter, think about how often your emails will be sent. It is advisable to send letters no more than 1-2 per week. The content of these letters is also important. Offer your subscribers only useful content. Ideally, the newsletter should contain 95% of the benefits and only 5% of advertising. Such emails will be interesting to your customers and will certainly draw your clients’ attention.

For example, if you are selling healthy foods, send a description of the nutrients that are part of your product and how they help a body cope with the heat, cold, flu, etc.


Above we have told you about how to avoid mistakes in eCommerce customer service that we have personally experienced. The main thing is that you should see them and fix them in time. Moreover, it is also very important to understand that making mistakes is okay. We all make mistakes and sometimes we do not notice them. Be attentive to your clients and their behavior on your site. Your customers’ activity analysis is the best characteristic of customers’ satisfaction as well as your service.

If you still have some questions, you can contact us or join our Facebook group for advice and support. We are always available to help.


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