Welcome to the series of CSV migration instruction articles! We hope that this sharing appears in your successful online business tips and can be spread out in the eCommerce community. Even when you need not use it at this time, please read and keep it because it may be helpful in some time.

Below are two ways to import CSV files to WooCommerce. It will take you not over 5 minutes for reading, so please consider it as a free and helpful thing in your free time.

Firstly, the simplest thinking is exporting databases to CSV files then just need to import them to the new WooCommerce platform. In fact, different platforms’ formats and structures are not similar so they cannot receive CSV files in the same way, meaning that you cannot import them automatically. To solve this problem, developers usually implement manually with 2 steps:

  • Exporting database of target cart to CSV files.
  • Select data in CSV files of source store and filling to CSV target store.

It seems to be the easiest and quickest solution with a very short guide. To be honest, even professional developers have to encounter complex errors such as data losing, data copying, data in wrong fields, etc. We advise you not to do this one, unless you are venturesome regardless of consequences.

Hence, you can move to the next suggestion- using 3E WooCommerce migration tool: Easy, Effective and Economical. We make sure that it is understandable when you are not expert on technology or programming, even have no technical knowledge, with these characteristic features:

  • Work with all CSV files structure, No need structured properly.
  • No need for technical knowledge.
  • No data missing
  • No data duplication
  • Keep all tables relationship after importation

How to import data from CSV to WooCommerce by using Litextension Service

Life offers us various choices, each of which brings us interesting lessons. Choose which depends on your experiences. And we choose to share the most comprehensive service to the online merchant community. Make everything easy, effective and economic like LitExtension 3E-Solution.

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