Since WooCommerce was released on April this year, the WooCommerce Developers and Support team never stop researching, upgrading technology to create more useful products and to improve their service.

This month, on August 12, the latest version 3.7 of WooCommerce is officially launched. In this update, WooCommerce features have some changes, especially improving the overall flow of the store is the most important mission, thereby ensuring a perfect and best experience of users on the store. This promises to be a great version that makes customers get excited to come with it.
Let’s explore WooCommerce 3.7 right now!

Product Blocks

WooCommerce products blocks were first appeared on WooCommerce version 3.6. With this new version 3.7, this products blocks 2.3 offers several new features.

Performance Improvements

With the latest WooCommerce 3.7, the speed and performance of the dashboard are recently improved. The pages load will be faster and the navigation will be simpler and even more.

New PHP and WorPress Version Compatibility

The new requirements are WordPress 4.9 and PHP 5.6 respectively. So, if you want to test the new version, you must update the core system versions to the new current minimum requirements to ensure stable store performance with the new version.

New Package Management System

When the new PHP 5.6 minimum requirement is in place, WooCommerce team utilize PHP packages and they removed the product blocks as well as REST API functionality from WooCommerce core. Therefore, they develop and release these features independently with each WooCommerce release via Composer.

Template File Changes

The WooCommerce 3.7 is on display with some updates and changes for templates.

Additional Enhancements and Deprecated Functions

The WooCommerce 3.7 comes with further enhancements and some functions deprecated. You should use this WooCommerce new version to experience them!

Upgrade to WooCommerce 3.7 right now?

That’s all about the updates and improvements of the latest version 3.7 of WooCommerce! In case you are planning to upgrade your current version or to migrate your e-store to WooCommerce 3.7, LitExtension will be your perfect choice and bring your store to a new level!
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