How to improve PrestaShop store after migration? Is there any way to change the look or add more functionality of your new Prestashop store? Should we set up automatic export/import of new products or update the existing catalog? Or how to add customer reviews or a callback button to the store?

PrestaShop fast & mass update tools

Whether you just successfully finished a Prestashop migration or you just created a new Prestashop store, in this article, we will help you answer those above questions.

Increase your store’s performance with fast and mass update tools & productivity addons

You can automatically add products to the online store catalog and update product characteristics such as prices, availability, characteristics, stock info, etc. This method significantly reduces the time required to keep the catalog up to date, which is more efficient compared to manually managing the product catalog.

However, the procedure of importing, exporting, or updating products in PrestaShop stores is not simple & easy. Even considering the possibility that PrestaShop has default tools for mass product modification.

This is because the stock import function in PrestaShop is quite confusing and has a very scarce functionality. Therefore, functional, quick, and convenient tools for product management is a perfect choice for a modern online store.

The Product Catalog Import module allows you to easily import and update your product catalog. It allows you to extend the initial import functionality and can be easily configured in a few steps. The Mass Product Quantity & Price Update is a convenient module specially designed to perform import and export operations with the PrestaShop products and change their mass quantity and price.

What are the main advantages of these products? We will highlight a few key features, although there are many more with each new version:

  • Automatic import/update feature with an email notification – allows to configure automatic import and get the report about it on your email address
  • Multiple images import & thumbnails generation – allows importing product images by 2 methods: Images in one field separated by a comma or each image in a separate field
  • Combinations import methods – combination in one field, each attribute and value in the separate field, each combination in a separate row in the file, generate combinations from attribute values
  • Categories import by category name, category ID or category tree
  • Features import

For quickly changing your store’s product data, for example, a quantity of products, especially if the product has several combinations, a special solution is available – FrontEnd Products Editor.

You can edit all the data about your products without entering the admin panel of the store with it. Agree, it’s convenient, you save your time and at the same time enjoy managing the product catalog.

Increase PrestaShop User Loyalty

Change the look & functionality of your store and increase user loyalty

Undoubtedly, customer loyalty is the desire to re-shop in your store, to recommend the store to acquaintances or other potential customers. It is also the result of customer satisfaction, and a positive experience with your products, store, goods, and services.

You should strive to increase the loyalty of your customers, store traffic, and sales. Thanks to specially designed products from MyPrestaModules, it is much easier to do.

The Blog module will allow you to build a reliable and convenient content displaying tool. Here you can create multiple sections related to the latest news, useful articles and customer blogs where you can share all the important information that your customers should know about the products represented in your store.

The Call For Price + Call Back Product Button allows you to enable/disable your Add to cart button for those products that don’t have a fixed price. Instead, a button Call for price or any other text will be displayed.

Also, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page creates a FAQ page for your PrestaShop website and answer all the popular questions your users ask. Make necessary information accessible.

With the Featured Products Slider, you place your most popular products on a slider to enhance their visibility and increase sales. This module allows you to create a slider to display products on the homе, category, and product pages.

Has your customer just purchased a product and is now going to checkout? You still have a good chance to make them increase their purchase list. With the module Cross-selling in modal cart this option is accessible for everyone.

If a person doubts about a product, it’s a 50/50 chance that they would make a purchase. Don’t let yourself lose them, establish an easy way to connect with them. Add a Free Call Back option to your store. With a Request a Call Back your customers will be able to order a call in just one click and now it will all depend on how helpful and persuasive you are.

There are a lot of extensions available that can improve customer interaction with your store and make it even more convenient. The team is constantly working to improve existing extensions, new versions, and bug fixes. Make your store unique!

Customer Reviews and Ratings

An useful feedback system for product reviews from customers

Want to get your own store reviews and allow buyers to leave questions about products? The following modules would be the cream of the crop for your business.

Increase your sales through customer feedback-collect, analyze, allow customers to ask questions about the products, and try other awesome features at our service.

For example, the Product Reviews module allows you to build a powerful feedback management system. It collects reviews and questions of your customers about the products. Interestingly, this module also generates automatic reminders about reviews.

What are the capabilities of the system?

  • Customer Reviews & Ratings – Providing the ability to assign moderators to different sites and modules is an important component of online marketing.
  • Questions & Answers (Ticket System) – Get details of visitors who have asked a question about the products. Allow your visitors to ask questions about products.
  • Email Reminders – Send reminders for buyers to leave feedback. Select the number of reminders and the frequency of sending.
  • Generate Reviews –  A unique opportunity to send inquiries for feedback to users who have previously made purchases, for example, last year or for a selected period of time. Get more promotional content & increase your sales.
  • Administrator Tools – The ability to customize the visual appearance of reviews, customize emails, for example, change the color, font, logo, and more.

Lots of additional options, support for google rich snippets, detailed statistics on sending emails. A full-fledged PrestaShop service that will allow you to build a powerful tool to trust your customers and increase traffic to your store.

PrestaShop Free Addons & Themes

Free modules and themes for functionality improvement

The company also offers free solutions for PrestaShop. One of the essential additional products is a variety of themes. Hence, you can radically change the look of your store and make it more unique for free.

There are also free PrestaShop modules available  – Orders Delete module and Customer Reviews module, which we talked about earlier.

The number of free PrestaShop extensions will increase in the future.

Another perfect tool & service for a powerful PrestaShop store

To find the perfect tools for your store is a daunting task for any novice e-commerce merchant. There are many ways to find PrestaShop modules with Google or other search tools, but the best and most affordable modules and themes for PrestaShop that are time-tested and user-friendly are at the

Today we will talk about the MyPrestaModules — a company that specializes in development in the PrestaShop environment that is working on the market for more than 6 years and has a staff of qualified specialists. Their developments facilitate the whole working process with this e-commerce CMS, enhance the conversion rate, and improve the usability function.

Also, their products become a perfect assistant in the creation of a reliable client experience. This will significantly advance the productivity and sales indexes of our customers.

They offer ready-made PrestaShop modules, for example, for content management (import or export products, orders), for store productivity, modules for adding functionality and interaction with users, free PrestaShop themes, and individual development.

MyPrestaModules guarantees product quality, money back, and wonderful technical support. They are proud to be the PrestaShop Certified Partner in the add-ons marketplace.

Special PrestaShop Offer

Special discounts for LitExtension users on all PrestaShop products

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Creating a store and running an online business and e-commerce is both an easy and complex process. To increase store traffic, or for the uniqueness of the design or special additional functionality, it is necessary to use third-party modules, themes, and services.

Among the many solutions on the market, you need to choose options that are time-tested and supported by developers. Let’s join our community to get more eCommerce knowledge.