Have you ever bumped into a situation where you aim to reach more customers and start selling on more platforms or marketplaces such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc? Christmas is around the corner but you still struggle for a better marketplace and more effective eCommerce solution? Well, this problem could be solved decently in no time with Ecwid – eCommerce solution for small businesses.

With more than 175 countries served, Ecwid is a global platform with over 2 billion stores supported since its debut in 2009. The United States is particularly a big fan of this solution with nearly 100,000 websites from American retailers. As a plugin, Ecwid is only second after WooCommerce in terms of usage in the online market.

Ecwid plugin usage
Source: Builtwith

What reason for this Russian-based platform to receive such popularity? Read on this Ecwid review and see if it is the eCommerce solution you have been searching for.

What is Ecwid?

Ecwid, or  “Ecommerce widget”, works as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution tailored to drive small business to success. Small business merchants now can easily set up a new store or integrate their current store with Ecwid and start selling much more efficiently. There is no need to dump your existing site — Ecwid can be added virtually anywhere you have an online presence. Is it great now that you can operate multiple online stores including your website, social media channels, blogs, marketplaces and manage them all in one place? It is even cooler as it only takes a few minutes to integrate your online store into Ecwid effortlessly. Even for beginners.

Among other SaaS competitors like Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, which offers free trial up to 15 days, Ecwid surely makes strides in the market with its FREE PLAN FOREVER. Yes, it’s true, you could start selling, boost sales and claim real money from sales for free, for good. 

Ecwid review – Outstanding features

Besides the fact that Ecwid, an Omnichannel which enables merchants to sell their products anywhere, boost sales and save time. Ecwid, impressively, manages to enhance customer’s experience with these innovative features:

1. Ease-of-use

Whether you want to start from scratch or integrate Ecwid into your current store, Ecwid has a user-friendly interface, learning around the rope is not a problem. Ecwid allows you to export your product catalogue to every platform, then mirrored the sales data automatically and systematically across multiple channels. However, this feature is only available for paid plans.

That said, the back-end controlling process is out-of-this-world, since Ecwid walks you through every website design and integration step with clear instructions and a checklist. Your store is up and running in no time. Apparently, Ecwid’s CEO – Ruslan Fazlyev, or X-Cart CEO, has managed to upgrade the Ecwid’s dashboard functionalities to another level.

Ecwid Control dashboard
Checklist for new stores

Besides, Ecwid is capable of adapting to your site’s current theme. It automatically scans, and analyzes and fits your original font size and colours.

Ecwid color adaptation
Ecwid adapts seemlessly to your websites

To that end, Ecwid itself offers limited themes for store starting from scratch, which could be quite a nuisance for some new retailers.

2. Store management

Ecwid provides a host of decent eCommerce management features. You can, for instance, add a wide range of products accompanied by their variant attributes such as weight, price, size, etc.

As an Omnichannel, Ecwid could be easily monitored anywhere. Users could manage their store on-the-go with Ecwid app (both for iOS and Android). Although their functionalities cannot possibly measure up to all the functionalities on web back-end, you can rely on the apps for editing product categories, adding product images, receiving orders, change storefront etc.

Inventory push notifications

Let’s say, while going to a movie, you are still capable of making a few sales off your inventory. Accordingly, any changes shall be synced to the back-end of your website in real-time. Sales boosting has never been easier.

Ecwid mobile app

3. Automatic language translation

If you are to globalize your brand, translating your storefront is utmost important. Ecwid can automatically detect and translate more than 51 languages. As a result, you can bet you’ll be able to introduce your brand to the world. Also, store owners could add additional languages of their customer’s favourites.

Along with additional languages, automatic Emails (Invoices, Orders, abandoned cart recovery reminders, etc) will be sent in your customer’s browser language. However, Ecwid offers a wide range of languages, yet the number of languages is limited.

4. Shipping options

Another part of Ecwid which grabs our attention is the shipping options. You can set up various shipping rates and carriers based on your preferences and customers’ needs. In this regard, with real-time shipping integrations, you constantly keep track of the order fulfillment process.

Speaking of which, we cannot forget to mention the dropshipping function. Ecwid offers dropshipping to platforms that don’t offer it, for instance, Wix or Squarespace.


Ecwid’s plans are surprisingly affordable from Free Plan to Unlimited Plan. Ecwid’s Free plan allows you to sell 10 products, whilst the Venture plan increases the amount to 100 products and you get the full-function mobile app management. The Business plan, on the contrary, supports 2500 products at a reasonable price. Finally, with the Unlimited plan, like its name, users get unlimited store products.

As you may notice, there is a huge jump from 100 to 2500 products allowed, 200-products retailers may show their hesitation whether to upgrade from Venture to Business plan.

The level of support you get from Ecwid depends on your type of plan. If you’re on the Free plan, you can only go with email support; if you’re on the Venture plan, you can expect email and live chat support; and if you’re on a Business or Unlimited plan, you are given the full package (phone, live chat and email support).

Ecwid pricing
Eciwd plans
Ecwid pricing
Ecwid support

Additionally, if you’re on the ‘Business’ or ‘Unlimited’ plans, you can get some free customization time from Ecwid: 2 hours and 12 hours respectively.


To sum up this Ecwid review, I will conclude that Ecwid is a cost-effective, must-use solution for SMEs and bound to be even more successful in 2020 with more new stores kicking in. However, Ecwid is not the deal-breaker for large businesses since it does not support all the bells and whistles of a more robust shopping cart, which certainly hinders growth. You can refer to our other Ecwid comparisons such as BigCommerce vs Ecwid, Shopify vs Ecwid.

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