Currently, many store owners are using old eCommerce platforms or customized shopping cart for their business. As a result, they often face some problems when migrating their stores to Magento.

Usually, online merchants can export their stores’ databases to CSV files, however, they can not import them directly to Magento due to the incompatibility between platform structures. Therefore, it is needed to configure the files to make them compatible before the importation. In order to perform this process, let’s follow two steps below.

  • Download a CSV file with sample data from Magento
  • Compare the CSV files between your Source Store and Magento; and make changes where needed (follow the format and columns of Magento)

However, it should be noted that there are some problems that might occur during the manual importation including data duplication, missing data, missing tables relationship etc. Thus, you will need technical knowledge to perform this process. If you are a newbie in this field, it could take you a lot of time and effort to complete the migration.

Moreover, some platforms limit the entity that users can export from it. For example, Shopify only allows online merchants to export a few specific entities including customers, products, orders, gift card codes, discount codes and financial information.

With all these disadvantages, we can argue that performing CSV file migration manually is not an ideal solution to transfer your store to Magento.

If you want your data transfer to be worry-free and smooth, we suggest you use LitExtension – the leading shopping cart migration service.

Compared to manual migration, an automated shopping cart migration like LitExtension can easily surpass with a number of superior features. In short, some notable advantages worth being mentioned here are:

  • Work with all CSV file structures
  • No programming or software skills needed
  • Wide array of transferable entities
  • No data missing
  • No data duplication
  • Keep all tables relationship after the migration
  • FREE demo migration
  • Absolute data security with GDPR compliance

How to import data from CSV files to Magento using LitExtension service

To perform the migration, you need to register an account on LitExtension.

Then, our expert will check the compatibility of your CSV files between your source store and Magento store. After that, you data will be converted correctly if needed and transferred seamlessly to your new online store.

As the process of CSV file migration is quite sensitive, complicated and requires advanced technical skills, it is highly recommended that you hand over the task to LitExtension experts. We will perform the migration flawlessly and provide all the necessary customization for you. Our highest priority is to save time and minimize efforts for e-merchants.

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