You have a large Prestashop store with various products and pushing thousands of orders every month?

You are questioning yourself which is the best solution for completely converting from PrestaShop to Magento? Besides, you are also considering whether switching to Magento or not.

So throughout this article, we will walk you through the reasons for converting from PrestaShop to Magento. Then, to help you with this stiff task, we will provide you with a complete guide to migration process.

Let’s get started!

1. Why converting from PrestaShop to Magento

Magento is now recognized as the world’s largest e-commerce platform, with a market share of over 26%. When making a comparison with another open source, Magento has a lot of its own competition. As far as PrestaShop, the following are outstanding features of Magento: Customization, SEO options

1.1 Customization

When Magente 2.x was launched, it is a really revolutionary version with outstanding interface management improvement. Now you absolutely can create new products and make content easier than before.

It provides an excellent filtering of system products, allowing you to create orders and accounts directly in the admin panel. Moreover, you can add your customers coupons, discounts and other marketing tools.

PrestaShop also supports its users when they need customization. However, when compared to Magento, it actually has more disadvantages.

1.2 SEO options

SEO is an indispensable activity in Online Marketing. So when choosing a platform for ecommerce, SEO options are one factor that you cannot ignore.

According to the comparison table, Magento outperformed all other platforms. Magento’s score is 100 while PrestaShop is out of the chart.

Magento offers a lot of SEO options including products and home page Meta tags, image optimization, catalog and product labels, robot.txt file editing. Besides, you can use additional applications and plugins to adjust your SEO hosting to a new level.

PrestaShop SEO options: edit page, add high-level meta tags, generate URLs that meet SEO standard.

In addition, Magento has many advantages over PrestaShop. Please click here to see full of PrestaShop vs Magento comparison: PrestaShop vs Magento – Which is better?

2. How to convert from PrestaShop to Magento?


Before starting the PrestaShop to Magento migration, you should:
Choose the lowest traffic time: use Google Analytics (or another tool) to analyze your traffic and set up your migration to be performed when you expect the lowest traffic.
Notify your customer: Send your client’s email about site covert. It will help lower traffic during the migration process.
Creating a backup: This avoids the risk of losing data

Perform full migration

After that, you have to follow these steps below:

  • Step 1: Download the PrestaShop to Magento Migration Tool
  • Step 2: Set up PrestaShop as your source cart
  • Step 3: Set up Magento as your target cart
  • Step 4: Select number of entities
  • Step 5: Perform full migration
  • Step 6: Double check to make sure your database convert right.
  • Step 7: Point Domain to your target Magento site.

Most service providers allow you to start your DEMO. So please feel free to try Demo version before making the decision of purchasing or not.

The above described all about “Why and How to convert from PrestaShop to Magento. It’s very important that you know beforehand if the converting fits your demands. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us as soon as possible!


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