Shopping cart migration has never been an easy process. Moreover, it is of great significance that you need to take close care of to make sure everything works perfectly and on schedule. To bring to you a stress-free experience with shopping cart migration, LitExtension was born. In this article, we will lead you through a complete process of migrating your e-commerce store from the current platform to a new one including the preparation and the checking after a migration. 

To help you better understand and visualize the process, let’s suppose you are migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce.

Let’s get started!

Set up your Target Store

To perform a migration, of course, you need a target store set up in advance. The installation process is different across each platform. In case you do not have time or enough technical knowledge to set up your store, you can purchase LitExtension’s All-in-one service in which our experts will take care of your migration from top to bottom including setting up your target store.

In this example, you need to create a fresh new WooCommerce store before running the migration. After installing WordPress, you need to:

  • Download WooCommerce plugin. 
  • Go to your WordPress backend.
  • Navigate to plugin.
  • Click on add new and upload WooCommerce plugin.
  • Click activate plugin and that’s how you get a fresh new WooCommerce store.

Back up your source store data

Data on your source store will stay unchanged before, during and after the migration with LitExtension. We only copy them from one shopping cart to another. However, it’s recommended to back up everything before you perform any major changes. Methods to save your data depends on the platform you are using.

For details about the preparation before running a migration, please see our article here.

To backup data on Shopify, go to your Shopify backend and export every important data to CSV files.

Migrate your store with LitExtension.

In this part, take the Shopify to WooCommerce example:

  • Create A LitExtension Account: Register an account or Sign In on LitExtension site. You also can login easily by your existing Google or Facebook account.
  • On the Migration Page, click Create New Migration at the top right button on the screen.
  • Select Shopify as your Source Cart Type and provide Shopify store’s URL into the blank bar. Then, follow the wizard instruction or tutorial video to get your API info and password, then, fill them in the form.
  • Select WooCommerce as your Target Cart Type and provide your WooCommerce store’s URL into the blank bar. Then, click on LitExtension Connector to download the connector, extract the zip file and upload connector to Target Store’s root folder. 
  • Click Next to configure your migration: Choose entities you want to migrate. You can select either all of them together or only certain data. For example, only Products, Customers and Orders.
  • Select additional options to expand your migration possibility
  • After that, you can continue with Demo migration to see if everything works as you expected before purchasing the full migration or you can skip the demo with a click.

Check your store after migration

We’ve made this article to provide you with a detailed instruction to check your store after migration. Check it out!  

For WooCommerce, you can check the data which has been migrated either on the frontend or the backend.

To display images on the frontend, you need to activate Generate Thumbnail by following these steps:

  • Login to your WooCommerce target site
  • Go to WooCommerce -> Status -> Tools -> click Regenerate

Run recent data migration

During and after the migration, LitExtension still keeps your source store active normally to ensure the service doesn’t affect your sales or business performance. Therefore, your store will still receive new orders, customers and new products throughout the data transfer or when you’re configuring your new store after the migration. 

After finishing the setup, you have to transfer the data newly incurring in your old store to your new store as well and that’s when our Recent Data Migration comes in handy. You can perform recent data migration with LitExtension for free and unlimited times within 3 months after the initial migration. 

Here are 3 simple steps to do it:

  • Go to your account on LitExtension site.
  • Choose from your migration lists the transfer you need to migrate new entities additionally
  • Choose “Recent Migration” button and follow the simple steps that you did when setting up the full process.

For more information about Recent Data Migration, please check this article.

Change DNS and switch domain

After your shopping cart migration is completed, you should Change DNS and switch domain to your new store.

If you are new to e-commerce, some of these terms and features may seem confusing and daunting. LitExtension offers a reliable Change DNS and switch domain service for a single fee. Check it out here.


That’s what a full shopping cart migration process looks like. Now, let’s find out why LitExtension is the most optimal solution for your migration:

  • Affordable Price: LitExtension is one of the few companies which provides shopping cart migration service with a fairly low cost. We have an automated pricing tool which allows you to calculate how much your migration costs and how long it takes. Suppose you want to migrate 500 products, 500 customers and the same number of orders. Then, according to the pricing tool, the approximate amount of money you will pay is $59.
  • Free Demo and Trial Migration: These two help you preview how the tool works and how your data is stored and managed in the new shopping cart.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 3-month Migration Assurance: We offer 3-month Free Unlimited Recent Migrations and Re-migrations for assurance in migration and make sure migration process will be completed perfectly.
  • Professional Support: LitExtension has a dedicated and professional technical support team. We provide 24/7 support by ticket, phone, live chat, or email. Hence, we can solve all of your problems quickly and accurately.
  • High Security: LitExtension has a set of practices, technologies and policies in place to ensure the highest level of security for your data. For further information, please take a look at our Data Security Policy.
  • No Technical Skills required: With LitExtension tool, your shopping cart migration is just a few clicks away. You don’t need any advanced technical skills or knowledge to deal with the migration. Besides, you always have the support team around if any concern arises.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a message via live chat on website or an email via