LitExtension has grown to be a leading company that offers the ultimate shopping cart data migration after more than 9 years of hard work and dedication. Moreover, we continue to strive to bring the best experience to customers by expanding our network as a way to add more value to the migration services we provide.

During our nine years of working in this industry, we realize that there are thousands of websites prone to hack every day and it may have negative influences on store owners. It not only costs time, effort but also reduces the customer’s trust, which leads to a huge loss in sales.

Therefore, we have contacted many eCommerce service providers to find out solutions for store owners. Today, we are glad to announce that we have officially become a partner with Astra Security.

Astra always focuses on delivering the best security solution to help the enterprise safeguard the data and avoid the huge cost when their websites are hacked. We believe that the collaboration of Astra and LitExtension will help you to benefit from superior eCommerce services at a minimum expense.


Everything you need to know about Astra

Astra is a cloud-based security solution that resides on the client-side and stops attacks in real-time. They were awarded at the Global Conference on Cyber Security as the Most Innovative Security Company for their effort in making the internet a safer place.

The team has been protecting its customers from intrusion attempts and delivering on the promise that its website will be secured without any ifs & buts. Moreover, Astra Security’s mission is to make cybersecurity a five-minute affair for businesses.


What Astra offers:

The suite comprises security audit, firewall, malware scanner, and bug bounty. Every solution takes under five minutes to set up and offers a 10x better experience than their contemporaries. The suite is beautifully knit, offering a homogenous experience that makes security delightful.

Let’s see what’s in Astra’s Security Suite.

Astra’s Security Suite
Astra’s Security Suite

Rock Solid Firewall that detects, stops and neutralizes more than 100 threats including bad bots, SQLi, LFI, RFI, etc.  In addition, automatic decision-making and dozens of security features like country blocking, GDPR cookie consent, rate limiting, fake search engine bots detection, etc.

Astra’s Malware Scanner automatically scans & flags malware in your file system. With its state-of-the-art scanning engine, the scanner optimizes each scan to your website’s technology and takes negligible resources during the scan. One of the fastest & optimized malware scanners in the industry.

Redirection malware, SEO spam, nasty credit card stealing malware, or any other malicious code are a thing of the past with Astra’s malware scanner. Your code remains healthy, always.

Security assessment & VAPT that comes without 100 emails, 250 google searches & painstaking PDFs. Saves hundreds of hours of your & developer’s time. Hacker style testing, powered by the powerful vulnerability management & collaboration dashboard of Astra.

Bug Bounty. It takes you under 2 minutes to sign up for community security. With community security, ethical hackers guard your website, report vulnerabilities, and earn rewards.  In this way, you allow people to report any security weaknesses they find through a dedicated channel and strengthen your website before it’s attacked- at no cost to your business. After that, you can turn your hackers into friends. Moreover, it can be synced with VAPT/ Security Audits to boost your security.

Why is Astra a perfect choice?

Every day, thousands of companies trust Astra to secure their websites thanks to great experiences it brings to customers, including:

Ease of Use: Astra is a cloud-based security suite that you install as a plugin on your website. Also, the engineers at Astra help you to integrate the solution with your site.

Real-Time Support: Astra users get instant assistance via chat and email. This feature is available irrespective of the plan you chose. You can experience it by dropping a message in the chatbox on the bottom right corner of the screen when you visit the Astra website.

Community Support: Astra has a talented community of researchers spread across the globe. These researches conduct regular security audits on our client websites. This security audit reveals sensitive flaws which are disclosed responsibly by Astra.

Customer Satisfaction: Astra team has always believed in the concept of placing the customer first. The customers are briefed regarding vulnerabilities using detailed videos. Moreover, the users can consult the experts at Astra whenever they need.

Let’s hear what customers say about Astra

“Astra carried out a security audit on our digital application which is a solution that allows companies to manage their whistleblower system. Due to the sensitive nature of the information that is processed in the application, we wanted to identify all possible security loopholes. I am very satisfied with the result and the recommendations of the audit report. It was an eye-opener. We were able to optimize the security of the app to meet the expectations of our customers.”

Olivier Trupiano – CEO, Signalement (a whistleblowing platform in Europe)

“ The kind of responsiveness & the kind of professionalism I received from Astra, it’s clear to me they are experts in this. That’s what you want from a security product, especially the ones you find online. I am happy to be with Astra! ” _Kyle Sexton Marketing Strategist & Author

Also, you can see more reviews from top companies about Astra Security at  Trustpilot or G2

What to expect from Astra and LitExtension partnership?

With our LitExtension – Astra partnership, we always want to bring all the best products and professional services to our beloved customers. After performing the shopping cart migration process to the your desirable platform, with LitExension #1 automated data migration expert, you can completely believe Astra in securing your business to help you focus on developing your store.

On this occasion, we are happy to offer fascinating incentives for LitExtension customers when using Astra services:

LITEX10: 10% discount

Moreover, we are so delighted to announce that Astra will join us in our upcoming webinar. In this webinar, we will discuss the topic: “ WordPress Security: Keeping your website safe with Astra Security”. Our speaker: Ankit Pahuja – a security evangelist at Astra Security will demystify hackers’s activity on any websites and show us major security attacks in WP space and how to keep your WP security safe.

The webinar will be broadcasted on our group on 28th April 2021. So don’t miss the sharing by joining the group here to receive the newest notification about our webinar.

Final thoughts

In brief, we hope that Astra and LitExtension will accompany in bringing the best eCommerce solutions for businesses. Soon, we will continue to provide even more appealing incentives to both parties’ valued customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team whenever you have questions for us. We are glad to assist you in dealing with any of your issues! For more helpful information about eCommerce, join our community for eCommerce lovers right now to catch up with the latest trend.