After over 20 years as an innovative force in eCommerce, 3dCart has decided to rebrand itself to Shift4Shop. They’ve spent the last few months pouring their hearts and souls into developing a new brand image that accurately represents who they are as a team.

LitExtension – Shopping Cart Migration Expert was thrilled to announce and celebrated the renewed brand identity of 3dCart to Shift4Shop in our #7 webinar “3dCart To Shift4Shop – Will This Be A Game-changer For The ECommerce Industry?“.

We covered all the superior features that Shift4Shop has compared to 3dCart, and how these updates facilitate merchants in running their online stores. Yet, despite the drastic shift, their core philosophy remains unchanged, which is bringing the best service to customers!

Here comes the recap for you to get a broad picture of what we were sharing!

1. 3dCart to Shift4shop: Rename, Rebrand & Revolutionize

Shift4Shop is a smaller company belonging to Shift4 Payments, a well-known enterprise in the payments industry for being one of the leading providers of integrated payment processing and technology solutions for over 25 years.

As stated by its CEO – Jared Isaacman: “Shift4 Payments has redefined what an integrated payments solution can be. Our end-to-end offering brings together every piece of the payment ecosystem for a truly unmatched customer experience.“

In these times the customer & user experience within commerce is critical for brands and retailers, Shift4 Payments wants to make sure that they can deliver a complete end-to-end omnichannel solution that makes everything seamless.

This experience has enabled Shift4 to securely process more than $200 billion in payments for over 200,000 businesses in 2019, powering over 350 software providers in numerous industries with over 7,000 sales partners in their ecosystem.

They’ve been committed to creating a complete unified commerce ecosystem that goes beyond geographic borders and industry types. Identifying the market shift in technology and trends on how merchants conduct everyday business keeps them cutting edge.

So this past November, the acquisition of 3dCart was a key milestone for them, allowing them to strengthen and connect businesses and their technology stacks around the world.

Why 3dCart?

Shift4 Payments were in search of a technology that was both robust and had the necessary built-in features and functionalities that are scalable and have the ability to build out with integrations.

Of all the platforms, 3dCart is just that. 3dCart has built a powerful platform that caters to all, but it also provides that necessary turnkey SaaS base out-of-the-box experience that Shift4 was looking for.

Again, it’s all about the seamless UX user experience and being able to provide business owners everything they need to build a secure eCommerce site.

What are some of the major changes that have been made to 3dCart?

Since the acquisition, they’ve been committed to eliminating any and all barriers in creating and running an online store.

One of the first major steps they’ve taken besides rebranding 3dCart to Shift4Shop is fully integrating payment processing right out of the box. This eliminates the need for merchants to set up a separate processing account or spend time integrating with another payment provider.

Besides Shift4 Payments, merchants do have the ability to use another payment option and it’s recommended to have an alternative checkout option like PayPal. Many existing merchants used Authorize or Stripe but now that Shift4 native to the platform with competitive rates, they are making the shift.

Additionally, they’ve also revamped their service, offerings going from a traditional monthly paid hosting plan to a complete freemium plan that their US merchants can leverage.

The free plan has no limitations regarding bandwidth; it comes with all the advanced features and functionalities built into the core, reducing the need for apps thus providing a fully scalable enterprise solution, which traditionally would cost $229 per month.

With the new Shift4Shop offerings, small and medium-sized businesses are excited to take advantage of those, which allow them to be fully scalable without limitations to their current plan, without having to pay more to upgrade or having to switch out platforms as a whole – a tedious process to say the least.

2. How Shift4Shop facilitates the way merchants manage their online stores

To make the migration process easier for their customers, Shift4Shop has created a free migration assist program, for qualified merchants who process over $5K per month in sales and would need a complete customized migration from one of their experts, which in most cases will include the use of LitExension’s platform.

Yet, please keep in mind that migrating the same template and layout may be a challenge since many themes are proprietary to the platform. Many bootstrapped themes can not be mirrored.

To solve this problem, Shift4Shop also includes another offering, which they will try to match a similar layout with a new theme, which in many cases the customers appreciated the upgrade.

The changing of themes for specific seasons, sales, holidays, and special occasions can be costly when having to purchase templates, so they want to free up that additional cost by providing a portfolio of 100+ themes allowing merchants to change and update as they please.

Moreover, they’ve also launched a new Reseller Partner program that is great for the community: Agencies, SI, Freelancers, Developers, Webmasters, bloggers, influencers, VAR’s, ISO’s and the entire professional services industry. This program provides them the ability to earn bonus payouts and revenue share commissions on their current projects or potential projects they’ve referred or sent our way.

“Besides that, one most popular option is to use LitExtension.”, said Kenneth, “You guys have done a great job to seamlessly migrate our merchants’ products, customers, and orders history automatically within a few simple steps.”

3. How LitExtension can help merchants easily switch their stores to Shift4Shop

LitExtension is a leading company to provide automated shopping cart migration services. Merchants can seamlessly transfer data like products, customers, and orders from one eCommerce platform to a more robust one without leaving any interruptions to their current businesses.

Why choose LitExtension?

  • We ensure no downtime of your website and no interruptions of your running business. You can still receive new orders or add new products, and so on.
  • You can also migrate almost everything, from products, orders to other entities like blogs, SEO URLs, or even subscription data.
  • We’re supporting migration for over 120 shopping carts, even custom websites.
  • With 24/7 dedicated support, merchants can contact us anytime from anywhere.
  • LitExtension is trusted by big brands in the field. Besides Shift4Shop, we’re so proud to be official partners with industry-leading brands like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.

Together, we’ve been working on creating innovative solutions for our mutual clients’ benefits.

The steps of migrating your eCommerce store to Shift4Shop

The Shift4Shop migration process straightforward and super easy to follow with 3 simple steps as follow:

Please note that with demo migration, you can migrate 20 entities for free before proceeding to the full migration. We recommend you run the demo migration first so that you can visualize the results on your Shift4shop store.

For detailed instructions, please watch the tutorial demonstrated by Ashley attached below:

4. Q&A

Q: How much does it cost to run Recent Data Migration or Smart Update? Any instructions on how I can carry that out?

A: Recent Data Migration Service or Smart Update can be run for free for 3 months after the initial Full Migration. Please note that for Recent Migration, Smart Update, and Remigration, you can migrate for FREE a number of entities equal to 10% of the total entities in your last Full Migration. The exceeding amount will be charged accordingly.

Q: I have a 3dCart store with these new changes would I be able to switch over to the freemium plan?

A: Yes. we can update and switch you over to the freemium plan with the activation of our Shift4 processing. I would recommend directly contacting your dedicated account manager or reaching out to our 24-hour support team for further assistance.

Q: What are the current processing rates for Shift4 and can you match what I have with my current processing company?

A: There’s no setup, monthly, yearly, PCI, batch, or minimum fees. Our rates are 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction, but we understand that there are various ways merchant service providers rate their merchants by over interchange-plus so I would recommend reaching out from comparison and special pricing.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: There is definitely no contract. Our main goal is to make it frictionless, giving you the ability to start a Shift4Shop site, or even activate your Shift4 Payments. But at any time, you can cancel at no charge.

Final Words

I’ve just walked you through all the highlight changes in the rebranding of 3dCart to Shift4Shop and how you can easily migrate your current online store to Shift4Shop. I hope you find this information helpful and interesting.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! And don’t forget to visit LitExtension Youtube channel for other webinars and more interesting eCommerce-related videos.