With new version was released in April 2017, WooCommerce comes up with many specific advantages such as an updated product gallery, multiple speed and performance improvements, an addition of CRUD classes and a new CLI powered by the Rest API. It brings in some great features for all store owners, clients, partners, clients and even developers.

Because of that superiority, there are more and more users have upgraded to WooCommerce 3.0 recently as well as a lot of people want to switch their current platform to WooCommerce. However, after the upgrade process is completed, users might encounter some possible errors.

There are 3 common issues after upgrading to WooCommerce 3.0 that WooCommerce users should know about!

Possible Issues Caused By WooCommerce 3.0 Itself

The Development Teams of WooCommerce has done the testing process a lot of time before each version was released to the marketplace. However, the later version – WooCommerce 3.0, has not been tested on your site.

That’s why many users have problems after upgrading which caused by WooCommerce itself. And there may be issues with the new version that will break your site, such as:

  • Short codes are not accomplished in variation descriptions
  • When you select the attributes to save they do not stay saved so you cannot create a variation from them
  • During checkout, billing and shipping fields are not in the right place
  • There are more than once emails are being sent.
  • You get a redirect loop when trying to reach your site

Conflict With Extensions And Themes

It is entirely true when supposed that is a common problem that people face when upgrading to WooCommerce 3.0. WooCommerce is apparently one of the most popular eCommerce Platforms,  however, as your business grows and changes, you may want to add some extensions and replace your current theme on your “original” install.

At this time you should remember one thing: Maybe you bought your themes on a famous third party or (and) add some new extensions, it features all the main elements you have always wanted. Although some marketplace keeps working on making their extensions and themes compatible with WooCommerce. Quite a few extensions may work without any change, but some will require a few or many changes.

Upgrading On A Live Site

“Conflict with themes and extensions” and “problem by WooCommerce itself” are very common problems, but some people have one another problem when doing the upgrade directly on a live site. The existing data and hosting environment may be the cause but you don’t want your live site going blank or showing error messages.

Those are three common issues when upgrading to WooCommerce 3.0. To avoiding those problems, I will show you some tips below:

  • Visit WooCommerce website, find all necessary documentations about “Update to WooCommerce 3.0” and read them carefully to make sure you are totally ready to do the upgrading.
  • Check your current themes and extension to make sure they are fully compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 version. If not, please contact your extensions and themes developers.
  • In case you upgrade on a live site: you should move your staging site live and ensure links are updated if needed. Then take another database sync if needed. I recommend you upgrade at a “low traffic” time to avoid any issues above.

Here I show you the most common issues after upgrading and how to fix them. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have other problems!

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