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Why LitExtension Affiliate Program

Attractive Passive Income

We offer $40 for each referrals you make recorded by our Affiliate Tracking System.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Our dedicated manager will help you maximize your earnings with priority support.

Reliable Tracking System

The referral will be recorded precisely so that you can stay up to date with our real time statistic.

How Does It Work?

Apply Now

Just take a few minutes to fill in our registration form and wait for our response

Start Promotion

Take advantage of our ready-made content and use the unique referral link we provide to start promoting LitExtension.

Get Paid

Receive payouts for your all new referrals at the end of each month through your Paypal account.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get answers to more questions, visit our complete FAQ Page or Contact Us

What is the Affiliate Program by LitExtension?

LitExtension Affiliate Program is designed for monetization of web traffic. The program is free to join, and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new migration order with LitExtension referral.

The LitExtension Affiliate Program is suitable for any of these parties: influencers, content creators, educators, merchants and agencies…

Can I be an Affiliate and a Partner at the same time?
Yes, you can be both Affilite and Partner at the same time
Can I use the Affiliate Program to purchase LitExtension services for my own business?

It is prohibited to use the Affiliate Program to purchase LitExtension services for your own benefit, for or within your organization, or in other ways that are not inline with referral sales or traffic monetization. However, you still can join our Partner program to have exclusive discount for your own order.

Will my Partner coupon apply if I use an Affiliate link to make the purchase?

In case a purchase is made with an Affiliate link, no Partner discount coupon may be applied to such purchase.

Where I can research more details about Affiliate Program?

Please visit LitExtension Affiliate Program Policy page to find more details information about Affilite program

Can I be excluded from the Affiliate Program?

In case we suspect you of improper use of LitExtension Affiliate Program, we reserve the right to contact you for inquiries or remove you from the Affiliate Program permanently. Please read our affiliate policy carefully before joining the program.

What if I want to close my Affiliate account?

In case you wish to be removed from the Affiliate Program on your own request, or if you join Partner Program instead, please make sure to withdraw any pending commission available for payout in your account. In case you do not withdraw the commission, it will expire permanently as soon as you’ve been removed from the Affiliate Program.

What will happen to my commission if I get excluded from the Affiliate Program?

In case you are removed from the Affiliate Program due to suspicious, fraudulent ormalicious activities, or due to continuous inactivity, your Affiliate account will be blocked, and your pending Affiliate commission will expire.

Do, I as an Affiliate, have any restrictions in receiving additional discounts at LitExtension ?

LitExtension reserves the right to restrict the use of certain discount offers for Affiliates. If you’re unsure whether you are subject to any restrictions for specific site sales and discount programs, please contact us for more details.

Does LitExtension provide any resources for Affiliate Partner?
Yes, we will have a resouces hub for Affiliate in our third party affilite control system. You can find it when you login on your affilite dashboard.

Partnership Activities

  • Ecommerce Expo Asia – Shopify Plus
    2022 | Singapore
  • Ecommerce Expo Asia – BigCommerce
    2022 | Singapore
  • Official Shopify Meetup
    2022 | Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Shopify’s Partner Office Tour
    2022 | Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Shopify’s Partners Office Tour
    2022 | Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Shopify Meetup
    2022 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Shopify’s Partners Office Tour
    2022 | Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Shopify Mastermind
    2023 | Danang, Vietnam

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