LitExtension Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is for bloggers, webmasters, web agencies, eCommerce service providers and, basically, everyone who’s influencing others with your content. Start monetizing your traffic today with LitExtension – the world leading shopping cart migration service provider.

Why LitExtension Affiliate Program

Alluring Commission Rate

Join LitExtension Affiliate Program to earn 20% recurring commision per referral sales

Reliable Tracking System

Use #1 affiliate software to track and analyze your performance as well as earnings

Professional Support

Receive dedicated support from our attentive affiliate team whenever a problem arises

Affiliate Kit

Save time and money on content creation with access to our creative resources

Become An Affiliate In 3 Simple Steps

1. Register

Sign up to our LitExtension Affiliate Program and get a unique affiliate link that you can place wherever you want

2. Promote

Take advantages of our beautifully designed marketing materials and exclusive deals to drive more sales

3. Earn

Achieve 20% commission for every purchases on LitExtension via your link

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Affiliate Program by LitExtension?

LitExtension Affiliate Program is designed for monetization of web traffic only. If you are interested in discounts for you or your business or would like to actively advise LitExtension shopping cart migration services to your clients, please contact our team to learn more about the options we can offer you.

Can I be an Affiliate and a Partner at the same time?
An individual and/or organization may not be signed up to Affiliate and Partner programs at the same time.
Can I use the Affiliate Program to purchase LitExtension services for my own business?

It is prohibited to use the Affiliate Program to purchase LitExtension services for your own benefit, for or within your organization, or in other ways that are not inline with referral sales or traffic monetization.

Will my Partner coupon apply if I use an Affiliate link to make the purchase?
In case a purchase is made with an Affiliate link, no Partner discount coupon may be applied to such purchase.
Can I be excluded from the Affiliate Program?

In case we suspect you of improper use of LitExtension Affiliate Program, we reserve the right to contact you for inquiries or remove you from the Affiliate Program permanently. Please read our policy carefully before joining the program.

What if I want to close my Affiliate account?

In case you wish to be removed from the Affiliate Program on your own request, or if you join Partner Program instead, please make sure to withdraw any pending commission available for payout in your account. In case you do not withdraw the commission, it will expire permanently as soon as you’ve been removed from the Affiliate Program.

What will happen to my commission if I get excluded from the Affiliate Program?

In case you are removed from the Affiliate Program due to suspicious, fraudulent ormalicious activities, or due to continuous inactivity, your Affiliate account will be blocked, and your pending Affiliate commission will expire.

Do, I as an Affiliate, have any restrictions in receiving additional discounts at LitExtension ?

LitExtension reserves the right to restrict the use of certain discount offers for Affiliates. If you’re unsure whether you are subject to any restrictions for specific site sales and discount programs, please contact us for more details.

To get answers to more questions, visit our complete FAQ Page or Contact Us

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