Additional Options

LitExtension always looks for innovation in order to improve your migration experience. For this reason, we have come up with additional options to help solve your difficulties along the way.

How Our Additional Options Solve Your Problems

1. Preserve Product, Order, Customer IDs on Target Store

With this option, the IDs of your product, customer and order will be kept the same in your Target Store just as in your Source Store. This option is necessary to keep the connection among entities after the migration. Besides that, it helps you manage your Products, Customers and Orders easily.

For Example: You have a product with an ID #1983 on your Source Store. Your product will be migrated with the same ID #1983 to the Target Store. However, if this option is not chosen, the product IDs on the Target store will be automatically generated according to its structure and will be different from the ones on your Source store.

Note: You need to choose to “Clear Current Data On Target Store Before Migration” when using this option.

Supported Target Store: Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and Shopify

2. SEO URLs Migration & 301 Redirects

This option allows you to migrate Products and Categories URLs from your Source Store to the Target Store. The maintained URLs will help keep the SEO ranking you have built up for years. 

Unsupported Target Store: Shopify

301 Redirects option allows you to automatically redirect your old store’s URLs to the new ones during the migration. As a result, you can maintain your SEO ranking and customer experience after the website re-platforming. 

Unsupported Target Store: Prestashop, OpenCart

3. Migrate Customer Passwords

LitExtension helps migrate customers’ passwords from the current eCommerce platform to a new one. With this option, customers can log in to the new website normally after re-platforming without resetting their password or creating a new account. 

Unsupported Target Store: Shopify, BigCommerce, 3dCart, Neto

4. Clear Data On Target Store Before Migration

This option allows you to delete the data (on the Target Store) in accordance with selected entities for migration. It is to avoid mix and duplication of data during the migration process.

For example: If you’re migrating “Products” and “Taxes” from Source Store to Target Store, selecting this option will automatically wipe out the similar entities on your Target Store once the migration is kick-started.

Note: This option will erase all the existing data (that you’ve chosen to migrate) on your Target Store. Once it is completed, the action can’t be reversed so we highly recommend you to create a backup before starting the migration.

5. Create Product Variants Based on Combinations of Options

This will turn simple products with options in your Source Store to configurable/variant products in your Target Store during migration.

For example: When migrating from OpenCart to Magento, although OpenCart only has simple products with options, you want to turn those into configurable products in Magento, this option will help you do that.

6. Migrate Images from Products, Categories and Blog Post Descriptions

This option helps you to migrate images in description of products, categories and blog posts.

7. Change Products Quantity on Target Store

This option bulk changes quantity of your out-of-stock products to 100 in order to make them to show “In Stock” status on the front end.

8. Migrate Additional Images

Additional images allow you to show your products in different angles. This option enables you to transfer your products’ additional images, rather than just the thumbnail image.

9. Migrate Short and Full Descriptions

The option transfers both short and full descriptions into the same description field.

10. Migrate Product SKUs

This helps you transfer your products’ SKUs to Target Store.

11. Migrate Invoices, Credit Memos and Shipments to Target Store

This option allows you to migrate invoices, credit memos, shipments along with carriers to Target Store. This can only be applied for Magento to Magento migration and Prestashop to Prestashop migration.

12. Migrate Source Store Customers Groups into Customer Tags

Although Shopify doesn’t support customer group feature, it allows you to manage customers through tags. Therefore, this option can help you migrate your customer groups into customer tags on Shopify. Then, you can filter customer according to tags.

Supported Target Store: Shopify

13. Migrate Source Store Categories into Shopify Automated Collections

Shopify doesn’t have sub-categories, instead, it provides collections. Therefore, during the migration to Shopify, choosing this option will migrate all of your categories including sub-categories to Shopify collections.

Besides that, this option will also automatically add tags to your products. As a result, you can show sub-categories just like in your Source Store by creating sub-menus from product tags.

We highly recommend you to choose this option when migrating product categories and subcategories to Shopify. This saves you a lot of time and effort from manually arranging all the products into collections.

Supported Target Store: Shopify

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#1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert

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No Technical Skill Needed

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100% Uptime

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3-Month Migration Assurance

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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