Migration Preview

What is Migration Preview?


Today various people are wondering how the process of data migration occurs. Whether it is simple or not? The data after the conversion is correct and sufficient? To help you answer this question, Litextension especially provides Migration Preview Service.

It allows you perform the DEMO Data Migration process even if your target site has not installed yet. In addition, with Migration Preview, you can easily check the products, customers, orders and other data from your current store are going to look on the target site.

After that, you can reconfigure your new Shopping cart and perform Full Migration to a live store.


How it works?


Totally FREE: You do not have to pay anything when running the Demo version. Costs only appear when you decide to purchase the Migration Tool. Absolutely you can also calculate the total cost by clicking here.

Super simple: One way you have to do is to visit LitExtension website, choose what type of “cart migration tools”, then click “LIVE DEMO” to start Demo Performing of Migration Process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for instruction about “Cart URL”, source site, Cart token,... .

Your demo data will be live for 1 day after Demo Migration. During this time, you can check the result and carry out Full Migration.


What’s next step?


Surely you are satisfied with the Demo. So right then proceed to Full Migration with our service. Don’t worry if you don’t have any technical skills. Our IT experts are available here to help you whenever you need.




If you are in need of converting data from your current platform to a new one but found not enough trust, simply try LitExtension’s free Migration Preview. It allows to see how your data will look like and be managed in Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and other popular shopping carts.