Social Login

Social Login

  • Allow customers to use their social account to gain access to your site instantly
  • Support Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Speed up customer shopping process, gain more customers
  • Support Magento 1.4 to 1.8

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Compatible with

Magento Community: 1.4.x - 1.9.x

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Social Login Pro allow customers to use their social account to gain access to your site instantly, support most important social network. This extension is designed to simplify logins for users and helpful to those who hesitate to create accounts on your site.

  • Allows customer to log in using social accounts
  • Supported social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

How it works

Customers can choose their own social accounts to log in your store. This will help fasten the login process and makes it so easy. If customers haven't registered on the website yet, it will automatically register for their using the email of your social account.

Example of login by Facebook account, step 2 will happen one time only when Facebook app need you to grant necessary permission.


Features Detail

  • - Integrated into Log In page
  • - Automatically registers customer into website with their email
  • - One button click is required for a client to log in at your web store
  • - Social network apps fully configurable via module backend


Other features

  • Fully compatible with Magento 1.4 and upper
  • Extension is open source 100%
  • License is valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure, need just a few mins
  • User-friendly interface

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Product Reviews (15)

  1. Excellent and works like a charm

    Review by kostarelo


    The extension will work with no problems at all.
    Just set up your applications through Social Providers, insert them to this extensions' settings and you are good to go.
    Amazed by this developer's work.
    Big ups.

  2. Great product great support

    Review by sidlo


    This extension is great. I had some after installation but support help me immediately when they run {your_website}/le_sociallogin/fix/connect/ and they fixed. Sure it might be saying in a manual but it's working now and I'm happy :)

  3. Excellent product!

    Review by Thomas


    This is an excellent product and all working fine!

  4. Recommended!

    Review by Shirhan Mohamed -


    I have been looking for a good social sign up plugin for a few days and Lite Extension is exactly what I needed with a reasonable price tag. Recommended!

  5. Excellent mod - We needed this!!!

    Review by KSteele


    I use Magento 1.8.1 and a custom responsive theme from themeforest along with v.2.1.2 of this extension. Everything went very smooth on installation and the extension works as expected with one small glitch in the Yahoo login API... all I can figure is that Yahoo changed their API somehow.... however, all the rest of the API's work just fine. Highly recommend this mod on every ecommerce site out there. Great job guys - THANKS!


  6. Excellent Extension, easy to use (with the guide)

    Review by Dayle142


    When I first installed the extension, nothing happened and I couldn't figure out how to use it, but then I realized I was using a custom theme and it wouldn't show up unless the extension files are in my theme folder, so i copied them into my theme folder, followed the instructions in the user guide (look on the overview page for the link) and it worked perfectly :) definitely recommended.

  7. I was mistaken

    Review by Jorge Araya


    After some help provided by LitExtension, I was able to configure correctly this extension to make it work with my Magento instance. Just don't forget to read their "Social App guide" and don't add white spaces when introducing the API keys for every Social Network.
    This review should invalidate my early review called "This extension is almost a mess".

  8. Best free extension ever

    Review by W3 Arts & Webdesign


    Easy to install and configure and works perfect. Great job.
    I highly recommend this extension.

  9. Fantastic Extension!

    Review by twjwebmaster


    I am very happy with the working functions of this extension. A few missing steps from the social app guide but was able to correct them and everything is working great!

  10. These guys Rock

    Review by discretemicros


    I have recently used the Social Login plugin from Litextension and got a very helpful and quick support from the development team.
    They are very collaborative and intelligent for fixing any issue in integration.
    I liked the way they helped me. Looking forward for some other extensions also from Litextension.

  11. Excellent work!

    Review by DRAJI


    I have installed this extension to my domain. After installed, I didn't get those social login buttons. So I thought, There is a problem in extension. But i have checked in my local magento store, Working marvelous! But in my live site, i can't get it! So i'm being confused. Then only, strike one point to my brain. we have been using custom checkout page for our live site. I have posted my query like this to the support team. They said "Our module Social Login was designed to support default checkout page". After that i calling that social login button block to my custom checkout page, Its working fine in my live site too. Customer support is also good! Fast response!

    Many thanks to everybody involved

  12. Very efficient

    Review by rock_artist : I'm a merchant, I useCommunity 1.8.0


    Great extension, simple clean and elegant. Developer provided support even for this free extension solving issues. Should consider purchasing the Ajax Login as it seems great solution.

  13. Great extension

    Review by willempie


    Great extension, works right out of the box. Indeed I agree with Marionnex, the ability to add the buttons on a certain area (like beside the usual login link or in the create account page during checkout) would be terrific!

  14. Great Extension

    Review by weleather : I'm a merchant, I useCommunity 1.8.1


    I was searching from long time this kind of extension which could provide an easy option to login through their social media profiles but none of them is free and moreover the best part of this extension is that the social login profiles appear exactly under the login window and that is really great as even on mobile user can easily click any of their social profile.
    Easy to install and great to work. Perfect!

  15. Fantastic

    Review by marionnex


    This extension is fantastic. One question. How is it possible to add the buttons on a certain area? Example, put it beside the usual login link? Or in the create account page during checkout? Is there a code I could use? Thank you! Nice extension by the way.

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  • I have started in E-commerce for 3 years. I realized that features of online store have strong influences on my business. I imported my site to Magento. I used migration tool of LitExtension. The whole process was very easy, but I made a mistake during the migration (it was my fault not the plugin's) and I had fast support by the company. Thanks again
    Jacob Abbey @ Gh Groceries
    Accra, 2332 Ghana
  • I used this tool to migrate my Magento store to a new WooCommerce one. The whole process was very easy, but I made a mistake during the migration (it was my fault not the plugin's) and I had GREAT & VERY FAST support by the company. I would like to thank Dong personally, because he helped me very much in order to understand what I was doing wrong and complete the migration 100% successfuly. Highly reccomended! Thank you very much!
    Ilias Avdikos @ Paperfly
    Agiou Kosma 14 Ioannina, Epirus, 45221 Greece
  • "Having developers in a time zone several hours ahead of me did make things a bit trickier to schedule/communicate, but that was a small price to pay for the excellent efforts, and outstanding support I have received before and after the purchase.This install included the need for a development server to be used as a testbed as well as eventual production migration, once things were confirmed as working up to par.Overall, the team and product/service have been absolutely 5* in each and every way, hence me taking the time to bother writing a review - something I normally only do if the experience was remarkable (good or bad). In this case - remarkably good!
    United Kingdom
  • Overall I am satisfied with the service that LitExtension has provided. I will consider LitExtension again and will suggest their services to other developers in need of cart migration. Sales and customer service correspondence was simply top notch! The LitExtension team excelled in this area.
    William Beachy @ Go Media
    4507 LORAIN AVE CLEVELAND, Ohio, 44102 US
  • LitExtension transported my MarketPress shop to Woocommerce quickly, and with a minimum of fuss. They saved me days of work, and kept me from tearing my hair out! Extremely helpful and professional, they went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me and I can't thank them enough. I highly recommend this service
    Ruthie Gray
    PO Box 323 Alderley, QLD, 4051 Australia
  • The quality of the extension to migrate from VirtueMart to WooComemrce is really incredible. Everything is accurate. The speed to do it is awesome. The team was fantastic and helped us for the custom fields and they do the migration for us. Thank you for your work. If you want to migrate to WooCommerce, please forgot the others extensions on the market. The solution is here
    Viorel Anghel @ Romanian Pages
    5270 Mariette Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • They are great at their job. Highly resourceful and very effective. I quickly resolved my problems with the migration to the new version of PrestaShop. Highly recommended.
    Óliver Vega Lora
    José Fernández Castany, Málaga, Spain
  • Last year I hired a different migration company to move my pinnaclecart to Prestashop. The process took over a month and cost substantially more and there were so many bugs that the checkout never worked quite right. After spending countless hours trying fo fix it, I decided to move to magento as I have 3 other magento sites and find it much easier. I hired Litextension last Thursday and within 24 hours, my site was completely migrated with no issues at all. They were prompt and professional in our email correspondence. I will definately use again and highly recommend Litextension.
    128 Peerless St, Cranston, Rhode Island, US
  • I am very very glad I did... these guys were ULTRA PROFESSIONAL and were able to move all customers, orders, categories, products ect .. onto the Magento without any issue at all and they did it in only a few hours. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, the price was very reasonable for the work involved, and they did a great job. Thank you LitExtension Team, you can be proud of yourselves... the work you do is very difficult and complex and you do it very well indeed.
    James Cook @
    26936 Fort Apache Circle Lake Forest, California, US
  • I must congratulate this this company for the high level of support that was provided. They worked very close with us to ensure the migration was done exactly how we wanted. This is the only tool that should be used to get the migration done, highly recommend.
    39-40 Bloomsbury Str, Wolverhampton, WV2 4BS, UK
  • We wanted to switch from Virtuemart to Prestashop more than one year but we were afraid of the migration procedure. After a long research on the internet we decided to use Litextension solution instead of other competitive software. And we were right. The tools are easy to use and very effective, but what I would really like to point out is the GREAT support. The support team solved immediately all minor issues that I had, effectively and professionally. The whole experience with Litextension was great. Keep going this way!!!
    Gerakas Av. 77, ATTIKI Gerakas, Greece
  • So relieved I found this company and that their exclusively 5 star reviews actually seemed to be from genuine, happy customers and not written by themselves :) I found ALL of what other people say about their products and services true and can only confirm these experiences. They did a Magento to WooCommerce transfer for me and provided lots of help on the way, since this is my first WooCommerce shop and also Magento isn't exactly the simplest kind of shop software. They not only offered me a very good deal to do the migration for me (other services only provide a DIY tool with less features for way more $$), their customer service is outstanding too: prompt, effective, friendly, which is very reassuring when dealing with the most delicate data that are your whole business/income and work of years. I was also able to keep all my URLs, customer passwords, ... just what a proper migration should do, and there was never a moment of uncertainty or fear of data loss involved. I highly recommend their services to anyone who might need shop migration, they are no doubt the best deal on the market. After many disappointments over the last months with web developers and other so-called "services" I thought I was lucky to finally have found someone reliable.
    1 Welbeck Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 4AE, UK
  • I was initially having issues migrating products to my shopping cart but the support team was able to resolve the issues I had and they worked around the clock to make sure everything was working properly! They kept me updated with emails and the live support team also help a lot to make sure the issues were resolved. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs to migrate their shopping cart!
    17355 Hamlin Blvd Loxahatchee, Florida, US
  • I had a problem when importing phone number and support was incredible.The plugin is really easy to use and support are very great. I recommend this awesome plugin beacause if you have any trouble when importing data, the support will help you until the end.
    François GARCIA @ LK Interactive
    55 Rue Cornaline ZI les Jalassières Eguilles, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
  • Our client had long wanted to migrate from Loaded7 to Magento. The Lit Extension handled the conversion perfectly and had us up and running that same day. We were impressed by accuracy of the conversion, as well as the dedication and attention to detail by the Lit Team. This solution has been needed for a long time, glad the Lit Extension Team tackled it!
    Debbie Phillips @ Sirius Company
    PO Box 324 Paw Paw, Michigan, US