• Can I increase All-In-One entity limit after purchasing?

    Yes, you can increase All-In-One entity limit after purchasing but fee required, please visit herefor further details 

  • Can you migrate customers password?

    Yes, it is possible. Please visit http://litextension.com/customers-password-migration-plugins.html for further details

  • I have changed on some tables of osCommerce database. Can you transfer them to Magento 2.1?

    Yes, it is possible. Our tool has a plugin called Custom Fields, it will help you to migrate as well http://litextension.com/migration-services/custom-fields-migration.html

  • How do I know if my store has custom fields or not?

    Custom fields are fields which manually created by installing custom modules or directly modifying your database. 

    To check the custom fields in your store:

    -  You can ask your developer who built that website

    - Or please Contact Us , we will help you to check for FREE

  • What do I do if your product wont work as well?

    Our support team always available to help you and if they can not we guarantee money back

  • Is there any additional cost after purchasing your product?

    You don’t have to pay any additional cost after purchasing our products. However, if you want to use our customized services, the fee will be required. Also, for free products, our support will be given as the charged service.

  • I'm not a technical expert so can you guys help me to perform migration?

    Yes, I would like to offer the All-In-One Migration Service at http://litextension.com/migration-services/all-in-one-data-migration-service.html

    This is full migration service, we will perform migration for you. You just wait and get awesome result from us. Here is what we do:

    • Install migration tool
    • Perform migration
    • After migration completed, we'll check again to ensure all data was transferred before hand-over.
    • Support re-migration for FREE (if you need) 

  • What difference between All-In-One Migration Service and Data Assistant Service?

      Assistant Service  All-In-One Service

     Need purchase migration tool first 

     Yes No 

     Migration Tool Installation For Free

    Yes  Yes 

     Perform migration by LitExtension

    Yes Yes

     Support re-migration after full migration 

     Yes  Yes

     Technical Support after full migration

    Yes, Free   Yes, Free

  • I need the store to be at the same domain after migration?

    Yes, it is possibe. After migration you just need to change DNS to the target store. It will take a few seconds.

  • Do you provide any support? What is your response time?

    We do provide 24/5 support (Monday to Friday) and Saturday morning (8:00 - 12:00 UTC+7) via Live chat,Ticket System, Email, Phone.

    You can submit a ticket without registration, however, we advise creating an account first to have the opportunity to manage your support tickets.

    Our HelpDesk offers the ability to send tickets to our support team in a secure and easy manner. In order for us to provide you with fast assistance, please fill in the corresponding fields with your account when submitting a ticket. You can expect a reply within a few hours. 

    Usually, our response time is much quicker than this, however, some tickets may require more time to be processed depending on the case and details.

    When it comes to our holidays, we will inform you through our newsletters, social networks.

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