• Who can join LitExtension's Affiliate program?

    Our Affiliate Program is designed for blogger with a lot of traffic, wishing to increase your income by promoting LitExtension.                         

  • How and when can I download the product after purchase?

    After the payment is processed you can instantly download the product from the Customer Area section. In addition, we will send you an email receipt with all order and download information, so you can check back any time in the future.                        

  • Assistant Service Policy

    1. Required credentials: Usually you will need to provide us the following information:

    • Source store FTP and backend access

    • Target store FTP and backend access

    • In case your server need to be configured for allowing the migration tool to work, we will let you know in details.


    2. Data migration will be carried on within 24 hours since we got all necessary information from you.

    3. We do not support migrating data in your desired time range, we will process in our working hours. In case you really need this, please contact us.

    4. We only install the migration tool and process on your data, in details:

    • Source store: read-only queries, it wont affect your source store files, data, configuration, operation and speed.

    • Target store: write and update queries. It won’t affect your target store files, none related data and configuration.

    5. We will let you know when migration is under progress, and during this please do not change your files, data and configuration on your Target store or it will results in migration failure.

    6. After migration is done, we will check and perform post-migration tasks, such as

    • Clearing cache

    • Reindexing

    • Regenerate image thumbnails

    If any of these can not be done from our side due to your server configuration or limited execution time. We will have the guide for you to do it on your side.

  • Can I migrate Attribute sets from Magento to Magento

    Yes. You can migrate Attribute sets with following steps:

    - You just need to create attribute sets in target Magento first
    - During migration, you just need to map old attribute sets to target attribute sets that should do the job

  • What is entity limit?

    Entity limit is the maximum number of each entities can be migrated. This limit is technically restricted by the tool.

    For example: with Entity Limit = 2,000, you can migrate all these following entities:

    - 2,000 Products
    - 2,000 Categories
    - 2,000 Manufacturers
    - 2,000 Reviews
    - 2,000 Taxes
    - 2,000 Customers
    - 2,000 Orders

    In case you have 3,000 products, only 2,000 first products can be migrated, the last 1,000 products will be omitted.

  • What is Domain License?

    Domain license is the number of Source Store Url technically restricted by the tool. This license is applied for Source Url only.

    - One Domain License: migrate data from ONE Source Url to ANY Target Url.
    - Unlimited Domain License: migrate data from ANY Source Url to ANY Target Url.

  • What is Custom Fields? How can I check Custom field?

    Custom fields are fields which manually created by installing custom modules or directly modifying your database. In details:

    - Many source carts have the ability to create their own custom fields in the backend, these fields are not considered custom fields as per our terms and CAN BE MIGRATED automatically.

    - Only when fields are manually created by installing custom module or directly custom on your database are considered as custom fields, and they will need "Custom Fields Plugin" to be migrated.

    To check Custom Field, you can ask your website developer or email us to contact@litextension.com, we will help you to check for free

  • How can I get the Invoice after purchasing?

    To download the Invoice, you can directly log in at LitExtension by your registered email and go to “My account” then “My Orders” and select the order you are looking for.

    Now please click to "Print Order", you can print directly or save as PDF.

  • Can I increase my entity limit after purchasing?

    Yes, you can increase your entity limit after purchasing but fee required, please visit here for futher details http://litextension.com/migration-services/upgrade-your-migration-tool.html 

  • Can not migrate product images from Volusion to Magento/Prestashop/WooCommerce on demo site?

    You are trying to migration from Volusion to Magento/Prestashop/WooCommerce on demo site, but you can not migrate product images. Please send us your product sample data and Volusion URL to contact@litextension.com, we will check and reply you as soon as possible

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