Social Application Guide


This document is intent to use for our following Magento Extensions:


Or any other cases it might help.

Go to:

At Main menu click “Create a New App”, a popup will open, enter “Display Name” and “Namespace”, for “Category” choose “Apps for Pages”. Then click on “Create App”.


In Settings tab, click “Add Platform”


In the opened popup, click “Website”


Enter “Site Url” and click “Save Changes”


In Status & Review tab. Click “Yes” to publish the app.


Go to:

Click on “Create Project”. Enter “Project name”, “Project ID”, and choose “Create”.


In next screen choose APIs & auth -> Credentials. Click Create New Client ID.

In the opened windows choose:

Application type: Web application

Authorized Jacascript origins: your website url

Authorized redirect URI: your website url + “/le_sociallogin/google/connect/” (your website url + “/ajaxlogin/google/connect/”)


Note: If you have enabled HTTPS for your login page, you must also use HTTPS for the “Authorized redirect URL”:

To check that, please navigate to your login page, if its something like:

Then you are using HTTPS.

Go to:

Click “Add New Application”.

In the next page, at “Company Info” enter Company Name.

At “Application Info” enter:

  • Application Name, Description
  • Website Url: your website domain
  • Application Use: choose “Networking”

At “Contact Info” enter: Developer Contact Email, Phone

At “OAuth User Agreement” choose “r_basicprofile”

At “OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs” enter: your website url + “/le_sociallogin/linkedin/connect/” (your website url + “/ajaxlogin/linkedin/connect/”)

At “Terms of Service” choose “Agree”

Finally click “Add Application”


Go to: click “Create a new application”

In the next page, enter:

Name: name app

Description: description app

Website: your website url

Callback Url: your website url + “/le_sociallogin/twitter/connect/” (your website url + “/ajaxlogin/twitter/connect/”)


Finally click “Create your Twitter application”

Go to: click “Create a Project”

In the next page, enter:

Application Name: Application name

Application Type: choose “Web-based”

Description: description

Home Page URL: your website url


Access Scopes: choose “This app requires access to private user data.”

Callback Domain: your website url + “/le_sociallogin/yahoo/connect/” (your website url + “/ajaxlogin/yahoo/connect/”)

Select APIs for private user data access: choose “Social Directory (Profiles)” => “Read/Write Public and Private”

Finally click “Create Project”.


Go to

Click Create App

Fill App Name and click Create App

In App redirect URLs click Edit, Fill “App return URL (test)” and “App return URL (live)” and click Save


Only enter Client IDSecret in  “Live credentials” and just ignore “Sandbox credentials”


At Log In with PayPal click Advanced options

Select Personal Information, Address Information, Account Information


Finally hit Save.

Go to

Click “Sign in to the App Console”, login using your Amazon account.

Click “Register new application”. Fill out the following info:

  • Name: application name
  • Description: application description
  • Privacy Notice URL: url
  • Logo Image: application image if possible

In Web Settings place the following info:

Please note all the lins should be in https.


Click Save to finish.