Promotion Banner – User Guide






Refer to our Extensions Installation Guide and follow the installation steps.

After installation succeeded, you will see Item Slider appears in the admin menu:  Promotion Banner

In Magento admin console, choose : Promotion Banner  >  Manage Banner


Add new banner

In Manage Banner choose  Add Banner . In the Add Banner page has two sections :

  1. Banner Information: This is the basic information of a banner


  • Title: title of banner which show in manage banner and options of widget.
  • Content: content of banner which show in frontend.
  • Store Views: Stores of site in which this banner is allowed to appear.
  • Show At: pages which you want to show banner at.
  • Status: show or not to show banner in frontend.
  1. Banner Setting: This is the configuration of the banner’s style to be shown in frontend


  • Banner Width : width of banner show in frontend
  • Banner Height : height of banner show in frontend
  • Banner Position : position of banner show in window of browser
  • Background Color: color of background
  • Border width : width of banner’s border
  • Border Color : color of banner’s border
  • Shadow Color : color of banner’s shadow
  • Theme Style: style of buttons.
  • Auto Hide: time to auto hide banner. If value of Auto Hide is 0 , it is off
  • Easing In : effect of banner when it appears
  • Easing Out : effect of banner when it disappears
  • Start Date , End Date: time of banner‘s life

After fill in fields, click Save Banner to save banner and return the Manage Banner page.

Show Banner on frontend

There are ways to put the banner out on frontend

  1. Show by selected pages: In edit page or add new banner page, select pages which you want to show banner in at field Show At with multi option select. This is the easiest way, all main pages listed here for you to choose. The banner will then display immediately on the corresponding
  2. Show in CMS Page: Navigate to CMS > Pages. Select page which you want to show banner in . Select tab Content. In editor, there are 2 ways to add banner

a) Insert by widget : select icon Insert Widget in editor. Choose Widget Type  is LE Promotion           Banner  and Banner is title of banner which you wanto to show


b) Insert by embedded static block : insert text into the editor

{{block type=”promotionbanner/widget” name=”the_name_of_block”            le_pb_banner_id=”id_of_banner”}}

After that, click Save Page.

  1. Show by Widgets: Navigate to CMS > Widgets . Select Add New Widget Instance . In the New Widget Instance page choose Type is LE Promotion Banner and Design Package/Theme is your current value. After that, click Continueshow-by-widgets

In tab Frontend Properties fill in fields: Widget Instance Title as name of the widget, Assign to Store Views and select Display On and Block Reference in Layout Updates frame. In tab Widget Options , choose Banner is title of banner which you want to show and click Save

This tutorial will guide you through how to add a banner to a specific product page, this method can be used for other cases.

  1. Create a banner with:
  • Status: enabled
  • Valid Start time, End time
  • Leave “Show At” none checked.
  1. Show it by Widget:
  2. Go to CMS > Widgets, Select “Add New Widget Instance”. In the New Widget Instance page choose “Type” is “LE Promotion Banner” and “Design Package/Theme” is your current theme.
  3. In the next page:

In “Frontend properties” enter “Widget Instance Title”, “Assign to Store Views”. Click on “Add layout update”, in the layout box choose “Display on” to be “All product types”. On the section below choose “Specific product” and enter a list of product ids in the text box below, on “Block reference” choose “Main content area”.

Hit Save the Widget to complete.