How to migrate data from X-Cart to Prestashop

If you are looking for quick, easy way to migrate data from your X-Cart to Prestashop, Litextension Migration Modules should draw your attention. It allows you to migrate products, categories, attributes, customers, password, orders and other data from X-Cart to Prestashop. The process is straightforward and requires no technical knowledge.

For Source Store:

– Please ensure you have the right permission to upload files into your Source Store

– It must not block access from Target Store to the connector.

Source Store can operate normally during migration as it requires a very limited resource for the process.

For Target Store:

– Target Store should be placed in a stable hosting or in localhost.

– PHP Curl must be enabled.

– PHP Fopen (allow_url_fopen) must be On.

– It also must not block connection to Source Store.

– Webserver (mostly apache) should have full permission to write on /img folder.

– Demo mode on backend should be turned off

It is strongly recommended to backup Prestashop Target Store first.

After downloading the product zip file from our Store, please extract it into a folder. The module consists of two main parts: Prestashop Data Migration Module (“leCartMigration” folder) and Source Cart Connector (“prestashop_connector” folder)

2.1 Prestashop Data Migration Module Setup Prestashop Data Migration Module is a Prestashop Module which acts like a hub at Prestashop side to receive data and import it into Prestashop database. It can be installed just like all other Prestashop Modules:

1. Using your FTP software, place the folder in your PrestaShop /modules folder.
2. Go to Back Office >> Modules.
3. Locate the new module in the list, scrolling down if necessary.
4. In the row for the new module, click Install.

2.2 Source Cart Connector Setup

Extract “prestashop_connector” into Source Cart root folder. After finished please make sure Migration Connector can be reached at: http(s)://

You will get a message “Connector Installed” once it is installed properly.

If you have any problem reaching the link please ensure you have htaccess configured correctly and the file has execution permission

For security, please open connector.php, find this very first line:

define(‘LECM_TOKEN’, ‘123456’);

And change “123456” to another string, this will be used to enter to the Migration Form (Cart Token) and acts like “password” to prevent unauthorized data access to your source store.

Plugins are purchased and setup separately into Prestashop Data Migration Module. They will provide additional functionalities to the tool. Normally plugins need to be customized and tweaked by LitExtension Team to fit customers requirements and will be sent to customers later on. There are a few types of plugin:

Products and Categories SEO Urls Plugin: helps migrate Products and Categories urls. Old urls will be saved in Target Prestashop Store and will be maintained to keep all current SEO ranking you have built up for years.

– Custom Fields Plugin: help migrate custom fields from Source Store to Target Prestashop Store. This is useful in case customers have customized their store, for example: adding fields to database tables, and also want to migrate these fields into Prestashop Store.

Customer Password Plugin: special plugin which adds the ability to read passwords encrypted by Source Stores to Prestashop. All passwords are migrated over and remains encrypted, customers can login to the new shop right away without the need of resetting passwords. “X-Cart to Prestashop” tool natively supports migrating passwords and does not need this plugin.

To install plugins, just copy plugin files into the instructed folder inside Cart Migration Prestashop Module. New functionalities will be enabled.

License Key is an encoded string which comes with your download package. This key is required to activate your Migration Tool.

1. After purchasing the product, please login to our store and enter “My downloadable products” section. Here you will find download link and license key for the download package.

2. Login your Prestashop Target Store backend, select Cart Migration > Configuration, and copy and paste your license key here:

Please login your Prestashop Target Store backend, select Cart Migration > Migration

The migration will go through 3 simple steps. Just hit “Next” when you finish one step to advance.


5.1 Migration Step 1: Source Cart Configuration

  • – Cart Type: select corresponding source cart type (X-Cart)
  • – Cart Url: source cart base url, please enter the correct url as this will be registered in your license.
  • – Cart Token: the token string which has been configured in connector.php

5.2 Migration Step 2: Migration Configuration

Root Category: the category of current Prestashop store to import all source cart categories into.

Languages Mapping: If your Source Cart is multilingual, corresponding languages ( or storeviews) should be available in Target Prestashop Store. You may need to create additional languages in Prestashop Store to avoid data loss.

Currencies Mapping: Assign Source Cart currencies to proper Target Prestashop Store currencies. Creating currencies in Target Prestashop Store may be needed.

Orders Status Mapping: Assign Source Cart order statuses to proper Target Prestashop Store order statuses. Creating additional order statuses in Target Prestashop Store may be needed.

Entities to Migrate:  select all entities to migrate or just a part of them

* Additional Options:

Clear current data on Target Store before Migration: if you choose this option, all current products, categories, manufacturers, customers, orders, product reviews, taxes will be cleared.

Migrate categories and products SEO URLs: if you choose this option, old SEO urls of source will be preserved in Target Prestashop Store, allowing you to maintain your Pagerank.

Transfer images in product descriptions to Target Store: download all images in product description into your store so that it won’t have to refer back to your source store or anywhere else for images.

Preserve Customer IDs on Target Store: this will help you preserve your old Customer IDs for easier reference.

Preserve Order IDs on Target Store: this will help you preserve your old Order IDs for easier reference.

5.3 Migration Step 3: Migration

The migration will take place automatically in this final step. In order for it to progress, you should not close your browser of remove Source Cart Connector. Information shows in this step:

1. Source cart: source cart base url you have entered in Step 1, this url will be registered with your license.

2. Entity limit: the limit associated with your license. To change this value, you need to upgrate/purchase another license code.

3. Tips slider: handly tips you should know

4. Migration progress: show current progress

5. Console: show debug information.

After the migration is completed, click on “Clear Cache and Re-build Index” to finish. If you don’t want to run it right here or it returns false for any reason, you can do that manually in “Advanced Parameters > Performance > Clear Cache”  and “Preferences > Search > Re-build the entire index”

Advanced Parameters > Performance > Clear Cache

Preferences > Search > Re-build the entire index

When a problem occurring on the migration process, Migration Tool provide the ability to resume the process in two ways:

1. Automatically resume on the spot: the tool will automatically resume after a failure until all data is imported.

2. Manually resume: you can refresh the page to go back to Step 1 and click on “Resume”, this is helpful when you want to temporarily stop migration and resume when you want to.

Access Advanced Configuration by going to Cart Migration > Configuration from Prestashop backend menu. All default values are configured to work with most cases, thus it is recommended to change these values only when it is necessary to.

– XXX Per Batch: Cart Migration splits each entity data into small batches (or chunks) and import them in turn. This option defines batch size to process in each turn. Depending on your X-Cart hosting resource you can change the values accordingly. The lower the value is, the less time and resource X-Cart spends to process a batch, also the longer overall time to import full data.

– Delay Time: the sleeping time between each batch. This option defines the “break time” for both Source Store and Target Store. It is also helpful to prevent Timeout issue if Source Store has been setup to limit the number of requests in a period of time.

– Auto Retry After: if by some reason, the batch process fails, the tool will automatically retry after a period of time defined by this option.

– Source Cart Database Prefix: Fill this in only in case your Source Cart does not support Table Prefix by default (e.g X-Cart), but has been customized to have Custom Table Prefix

License Key: license key associated with your product.