• well done
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Weebly to Shopify Migration
    • Review by: Michelle Reid
    • Located : Canada

    Great time saving migration tool. Would use them again without hesitation. Worth the $$

  • Totally recommend
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: OpenCart to OpenCart Migration
    • Review by: Artware
    • Located : United States

    I have tried to transfer all data from one shop to another for more like 15 hours with no success. I was really desperate since it was Christmas eve and no one could help me finish on time.

    LitExtension team came up in my google results so I wished for a Christmas miracle! And it was delivered!

    In less than 24hours they managed to move all data (customer passwords too) from one website to another, upgrade the framework, install theme template, modules and fix any errors that came up. Talk about a miracle team, right?

    Thanks again for the awesome support and excellent services - you guys are the best!

  • Thank you for a job well done.
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Hikashop to Prestashop Migration
    • Review by: Jose Miguel
    • Located : Spain

    Thanks to Luu for the help in the migration of our online store. The process has been easy thanks to the great help of the technical service.
    Quick and easy (-:

  • The product is great, but the service is spectacular!
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: AmeriCommerce to Prestashop Migration
    • Review by: Joshua
    • Located : United States

    We purchased this module to migrate a 3 year old business website to a new platform including the password migration. Instructions were very clear, but we ran into a minor technical snag when we went to perform the migration.

    We submitted a support ticket and within 12 hours we had a reply offering to perform the migration for us at no extra charge! The migration went smooth, we received an e-mail when it was completed, and after a few minor tweaks on the new platform (mainly just marking the products as visible) we were up and running.

    I couldn't be more pleased with the experience and it saved us countless man hours, money, and headache.

  • Amazing Product & Amazing Support
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Shopify to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Nick D' Cruz
    • Located : Spain

    I bought this product in a hurry and all i wanted is to migrate the product and categories form Shopify to Woocommerce.

    I did not go thru the documentation and wan unable to migrate it. I sent an email to the team and I got a response way sooner than i expected. They pointed out what might have gone wrong and gave me a instant solution. I followed it and migrated my store.

    Also, during their work hours, I got instant replies from them via email.

    I am fully satisfied using this product and it save my day BIG TIME! I will continue to explore more products with them.


  • Easy to use, great interface!
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Shopify to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Genesis Developer
    • Located : United States

    We moved our Shopify store to a self-hosted WordPress Genesis and Woocommerce platform so easily with the Shopify to Woo migration tool. The instructions were clear and the videos helped with creating a private API. Everything moved over so quickly and it was like magic seeing everything populated in the new store. Brian in Live Support was great in answering my questions as well! Thanks to everyone at litextension!

  • Great Tool and Customer Service
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: xt:Commerce to Prestashop Migration
    • Review by: Wladislaw Duschkin
    • Located : Germany

    Although my very old XT-Commerce Shop had no default configuration I could with the great help of the support team migrate my data from XT:Commerce to Presta without any problems.

    I'm very thankful for the great customer service which was very professional and answered questions within a shourt time range.
    They even offered a remote Session (Teamviewer) although I bought only the migration tool !

  • Great support!
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Zen Cart to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: Tony
    • Located : Australia

    We moved our old ZenCart site to new Magento platform with a huge amount of customers, orders and complicated database. The LitExtension team did support us very well and thoroughly from beta to the live site time.

    We highly appreciate their support and customer services.

    Thank you for good work!

  • Excellent Service
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: OpenCart to OpenCart Migration
    • Review by: ICM
    • Located : Germany

    This was a seamless process. Even when I got stuck (due to my lack of understanding), the LE team was helpful and efficient. Sofia on Live Support was excellent in her communication with me.

  • Excellent service
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: WooCommerce to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Alan
    • Located : China

    We moved from an old version of Woocommerce to a new version while redeveloping our website. LitExtension moved all the order and users from the old site to the new site ad did a fantastic job in a very short space of time.

    Great service, thanks.

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