• Good product with excellent supporting!
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: WooCommerce to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: Khoa Tran
    • Located : Vietnam

    I have bought this extension because I need to migrating data to my new site. The product fit perfectly to my own purpose. Beside that I also got a very quick response from supporter whenever I needed. And of course, they are really helpful too. They even give me a free upgrade for the entity limit.

    Would recommend to anyone!

  • Very good Product and Company!
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Magento to Magento Migration
    • Review by: Wouter
    • Located : Netherlands

    I have bought this Extension because i was struggling between Data Migration from Magento 1.5.1 to 2.1.4
    I figured it take me around a month to get the data in the right order, a extension what can do that in a couple of hours sounds great to me!

    Installed the Extension but sadly it didn't work, the two stores can't seem to find each other.
    Created a ticket for support (which was already created when i bought the item,. how cool is that!) and got a very fast response, after some account details exchangement the team from Litextension did their thing and within a couple of hours everything was transferred to the new Magento 2.1.4

    I was very happy and was stunned by the fact that this support was so Excellent.

    Again thanks guys, will spread the word!

  • Fantastic Service and Very Helpful
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: OpenCart to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Paul
    • Located : United States

    This migration service is awesome, If you want to save time trying to import products, then purchase this product. The staff are really helpful, they are always willing to help and go that extra mile to try and please their customers. Would recommend to anyone and would like to thank them for the help.

  • Highly recommended
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Magento to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Expose
    • Located : Italy

    I paid for the automated data transfer between OpenCart 1.4 to a new installation of OpenCart 2.3. To be honest I was a bit sceptical of paying up front and handing over login info of the server to an unknown entity, but was pleasantly surprised at the speed and efficiency of the transfer. Not only this, after I discovered 2 issues with the transfer (not all data had successfully transferred across initially) but their technicians sorted it out in no time.

    Save yourself a lot of bother and expense and use the Litextension team! I will next time.

  • Excellent
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Magento to Magento Migration
    • Review by: Kevin
    • Located : United States

    This is a real time saver. I transfered a site from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.1 quickly and easily. The support was also very good.

  • Everything automated.
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Shopify to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Joel
    • Located : United States

    The tool is seamless. Everything is done automatically. I paid extra to get them to help me do the entire thing and it was a breeze. Worth the slightly steep pricing, as migration should be done properly as its very important. Do not sell yourself short!

  • Would recommend to anyone wanting to migrate painlessly
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: osCommerce to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: RoryAro
    • Located : United Kingdom


    I was very pleased by the service from LitExtension and although I rarely write customer reviews, I wanted to in their case. We wanted to migrate from a bespoke OsCommerce website, which because of its custom-built nature and our enormous range of products was very tricky. My team of experienced web developers attempted it with the free softwares that are available, however, after we realised the amount of time and effort it would take us to do it on our own, we asked LitExtension for help. They offered us an affordable price and saved us a lot of hassle.

    I’m really glad that we went with their All-In-One package, because that meant that the experts at LitExtension could deal with the challenging aspects of this migration. In the end we saw that it was no simple transfer, with LitExtension having to make many modifications to their standard method. They did this tirelessly, solving many issues to reach all of our requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to migrate their website. I believe that they offer the best migration service around.

    Dr Rory Arrowsmith
    Project Manager, Fish4Parts Ltd.

  • Great support
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: osCommerce to Prestashop Migration
    • Review by: Waldek
    • Located : United States

    Migrating from outadated environment like osCommerce can be tricky.

    LitExtension's support team is responsive and will continue to assist you until everything is migrated without any issues.

  • Successful and Painless Magento Migration
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Magento to Shopify Migration
    • Review by: EN
    • Located : India

    This is a Magento migration product that works. The service was quick and painless. They even added in a little customisation for me at no extra cost. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

  • well done
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Weebly to Shopify Migration
    • Review by: Michelle Reid
    • Located : Canada

    Great time saving migration tool. Would use them again without hesitation. Worth the $$

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