• Awesome support
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: osCommerce to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: Arnie
    • Located : United Kingdom

    I migrated 40000 entities from an old OsCommerce shop to Magento 1.9 and ran into some encoding problems and the mapping of customer groups did not work out of the box.

    I posted that to the support ticket which was opened for me right after purchase. The issues were fixed within 24 hours. I would recommed to choose litextension for any migration tasks.

    I am satisfied!

  • Best support you can get
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: WooCommerce to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: ipcameramonteur.nl
    • Located : Netherlands

    After a few unsuccessful attempts import the support team has yet succeeded to import all products. They continue to give real support to everything is to your satisfaction. Truly amazing and worth your money double.

  • Great support
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: WooCommerce to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: Kevin
    • Located : United Kingdom

    We had some problems importing woocommerce into magento 2.1 but thanks to the support team they quickly took care of the problem. We now have all the data that we needed.

  • Works Exactly as Advertised. Great support!!
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: osCommerce to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Alex Raul Bughiu
    • Located : Spain

    This was the third and final migration software we tried (OSCommerce -> WooCommerce). Because of the unique structure of our website + database we had some migration issues that the LitExtension dev team were QUICK to address. They custom updated their plugin for us so that it works with our website. Due to my client's security concerns, we could not grant their technicians full access to our server. Yet they were also able to work around these issues. Not sure how these guys stay in business providing this level of support for free! We were happy to purchase additional plugin extensions from them.
    CEO & Software Architect @ etanova.com

  • Migration, made easy
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: osCommerce to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: Roland
    • Located : Austria

    I'm a oscommerce developer and I'm not very familiar with Magento 2. I managed to do a successful migration on my own. The installation can be done by a layman due to the fact the software is well documented.

    I had an issue with short passwords which was solved quickly. The support staff are very committed, friendly and willing to help. The software and service behind it is recommended. Top of the form award!

  • Amazing support!
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: OpenCart to OpenCart Migration
    • Review by: Y.K
    • Located : Netherlands

    Bought the Opencart to Opencart migration tool since I had to move a lot of products and data to the new version of Opencart, I was surprised how easy it was with the migration tool. It looked very professional and was very easy to transfer products and data just by choosing what I wanted to transfer from the list! I had some extra data that I wanted to be transferred to the new store (SEO plugin meta etc) I contacted their support and within one day they answered with a solution! custom coded modification to their tool for free! so I could still transfer the SEO meta to the new store! I was really happy about this. They went into detail and solved everything I needed to get the new store up and running. It was been great working with you guys! thank you for all the help!

  • Highly recommended
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Zen Cart to Prestashop Migration
    • Review by: Suman
    • Located : Canada

    We bought the Zen Cart to Prestashop migration tool and want to do the migration ourselves, but we always got error messages during the process.
    Litextension Team helped us to solve the problems again and again, I need to say that the Litextension Team experts on migration!!

  • Excellent
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Magento to Magento Migration
    • Review by: apneist
    • Located : India

    Although I'm a developer I'm not very informed on the details of magento. I bought this product, I made some mistakes in the installation, the developer of the product went in, fixed the mistakes and made it work. Excellent service!

  • Superior service from support
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Prestashop to Prestashop Migration
    • Review by: Kris
    • Located : United States

    Had a hard time doing the migration myself, but with the help from support (they did all the hard work) we finally succeeded.

    Thanks a million for extraordinary good service.

  • Absolutely Great
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: VirtueMart to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Chrischi2407
    • Located : United Kingdom

    I have bought this extension because I hoped to save time. In the beginning I experienced some technical problems which I have sent to the technical support of LITEXTENSION. They came back to me so fast, I could not believe it, and - what can I say - the helped me and the migration worked out well.

    Thank you again!!!

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