• I can just say: Lit-extension are: Professionals - Punctual and excellent support
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: WooCommerce to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: Jb
    • Located : United States

    I am trying to find more words not enough on the dictionary to appreciated the job well done by Litextension.com.
    Keep up the good work :) God bless you all. ... JB.
    I would recommend to anyone of my family, relatives, friends, clients, customers and colleagues.
    Best Regards,
    Thanks you very much!

  • Excellent tool with amazing support
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Volusion to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Deb
    • Located : Australia

    This is my second time working with Lit Extension, I came back because the team deserves it. I have never seen such an amazing support in my work career. The plugin itself is excellent and the support makes it super awesome. The team helped me till I was satisfied, I will definitely come back. I recommend 5 STARS.

  • Great extension!
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Magento to Magento Migration
    • Review by: Sven
    • Located : Germany

    Great support too - Thanks for your help! Really smooth workflow, helpful hints and 100% correct data migration.

  • Fast and Reliable
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: CRE Loaded to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: Ad
    • Located : United States

    It is really hard when you want to switch your store to other platform, the main problem which makes resistance is your products, orders, categories and other stuff. These things took lots of time and resources. I faced the same situation but thanks God I found this helpful extension which helped me to migrate each and every entity to my new store with just one click, and when I found the problem during migration, support helped me a lot with not just answering my questions but they fully help me to migrate my store.

    You rocked guys, I am a happy man now ;)

  • Awesome
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: osCommerce to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Dennise Rosen
    • Located : United States

    These professionals turned a daunting task into a breeze. Great support and quick responses to inquiries. Will definitely use them in the future if the need arises. Definitely 5 STARS!

  • Awesome Tool & even more awesome support
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: osCommerce to WooCommerce Migration
    • Review by: Tom Eichstaedter
    • Located : Austria

    I am a webworker for 20 years now. I NEVER EVER had such an experienced bunch of pros to work with! Most amazing is not just the plugin itself (although it also a very good piece of work) - it is the support! We had to migrate a very old osCommerce shop with about 70% of hardcoded additional stuff to an actual WooCommerce shop. This would have taken us wekks to do it manually because there are also about 2000 registered users, about the same amount of orders and many things more (high amount of variations and a deep tree of categories). Not only that the guys and girls of liExtension are really reacting quick on support mails they also working hard on personalizing a solution for your specific needs. Really a perfect combination - if I could I would recommend 10 stars!

  • Excellent Tool & Amazing Customer Service
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Prestashop to OpenCart Migration
    • Review by: Arthur Nemirovsky
    • Located : United States

    I was about to write queries and manually migrate the data from prestashop to opencart, then after a quick search I came across this migration tool. It almost seemed too good to be true until I tried it and it did everything I needed and even more than I had planned. When I ran into a snag with a product with thousands of sub options, there was a holdup because of performance on the shared host source, the LIT extension team was fast and responsive and took the initiative to help me work thru the issue quickly and professionally. I highly recommend lit extension and will use their software for other client migrations in the future. Five Stars!!

  • Shopify to Prestashop
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Shopify to Prestashop Migration
    • Review by: Cheryl
    • Located : Singapore

    I highly recommend this company as they have been highly responsible and helpful. I used the tool the first time more than 6 months ago and than after i upgraded to prestashop 1.7, i needed to do it again and the support team did the full migration for me and even customised their code when i needed some additional migration that was not in the original module. Thumbs up to their excellent service!

  • Helpful
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: Cubecart to OpenCart Migration
    • Review by: Streamport Media
    • Located : United Arab Emirates

    Very helpful staff that do everything they can for you. Fast response when you contact them by e-mail. We had some problems but they solved them quickly.

  • osCommerce to Magento 2
    • Quality 
    • Used Migration Tool: osCommerce to Magento 1.x Migration
    • Review by: Fredrik
    • Located : Sweden

    My migration from osCommerce 2.3.1 to Magento CE 2.1.4 went really smooth after some initial issues that was solved by the very helpful support team.

    I recommend this migration tool. But a word of advice is to check the specifications what is included and what is not. However it was well spent money.

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