How to check the number of entities on BigCommerce

Entity Limit is maximum number of each data types can be migrated. This limit is technically restricted by the tool.

e.g: You have 300 products, 700 customers and 1,800 orders, you should select 2,000 entities limit package.

It is simple as ABC to check the number of entities on BigCommerce Platform. First, access your BigCommerce Admin Panel  and follow the instructions below: 


Step 1: Check the number of products on BigCommerce

To see how many products are available in your current store, Go to Menu Bar on the left , choose “Products” 

Then click “Export” 

Open export file then check the total number of your products 

Number of Products: Menu Bar -> Products -> Export


Step 2: Check the number Customers

According to the same principle, you can check the number of other entities such as customers, orders very quickly. By click on categories on Menu Left Bar , then export the list

Check the number of Customers: 

Number of Customers: Menu Bar -> Customers -> Export


Step 2: Check the number Orders

Similar to check the number of orders, go to Sales, select Orders to check how many orders are existing in your store.

 Number of Orders: Menu Bar -> Orders -> Export


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